How To Start WWIII? Let Obama Show You

Bomb The Wrong People, US Planes Just Did 
With all of the technology available, the US Air Force seems unable to correctly target a bombing run. Why is it this doesn’t ring true considering the situation in Syria this could cause WWIII to ignite as Hillary runs around threatening Russia. President Obama had purged the military of senior officers who didn’t agree with his plans to invade Syria in 2012, in one of the largest mass “retirements” in US Military history. The Russians and Syrians had just agreed to a cease fire with the US led moderate Muslim rebels, this plan was to allow a concentrated effort to be put forth by all parties against ISIS and Al Qaeda groups within Syrian borders. Then this so-called mistake happens where two F-16’s and one A-10, that is used primarily as a ground support aircraft, attacks a Syrian Army position killing 62. The US says it intended to hit an Islamic State position, Syria and Russia are not buying it as it appeared to be in conjunction with an ISIS operation. 
This type of situation is what makes major wars breakout, as the story the US has put forward fails the litmus test of lies. Earlier this year the Russians were going to strike a well known ISIS stronghold in southeastern Syria, they were aware of British and US Special Forces in the area and had alerted both of their plan. For 6 months these British and US forces kept stalling their evacuation, they claimed to be training moderate rebels, yet were located in the middle of ISIS held territory. The Russians, tired of waiting, hit the area. No British or US casualties were reported and MSM gave this story little attention. 
On September 8, Israeli jets had attacked Syrian forces in the Golan Heights region in retaliation of a single stray mortar shot as the Syrians were striking Takfiri militants in the area. This group has been linked to Al Qaeda and the Syrians have claimed that Takfiri use Israeli weapons and equipment. The Obama/Clinton destabilization program has created all of this and still deny it. The lines are blurred and who is fighting who is uncertain, there are so many combatants in the area that it has become the flashpoint that could lead to WWIII. 
The danger is real as the US policy is unknown to both ally and enemy alike, it is well known that ISIS has been armed and trained by the US. Yet the US will do a drone strike on occasion and take out ISIS leadership or so its claimed. This recent claim of the killing of 62 Syrians doesn’t even come close to being true, the available GPS technology doesn’t allow for this. Look at your own cell phone it zeros in within feet of your location. The US not only uses AWACS planes to coordinate air strikes, they also use satellites, or do they? The Obama/Clinton foreign policy plan has made the entire world much more dangerous than before. 


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