George HW Bush Voting Clinton, Two Political Crime Families United

Not really a surprise, that Republican Bush crime family and the Democratic Clinton crime family have allowed their unholy alliance to be revealed. After all both families have connections that go back to the 1970’s and the CIA run drug operations that ran through Mena Arkansas. Papa Bush who let it be known of his dislike for Republican nominee Donald Trump after Trump humiliated son Jeb at debates during the primary, will vote for Hillary Clinton as the Globalists align behind the obviously seriously ill and treasonous candidate. This puts 4 former presidents on the same side as the Establishment is drowning in their sea of lies and political corruption. 
While Trump is set to topple the Globalist chain that has run American politics since the death of JFK, his opponents continue to run their state run mainstream media that is scrambling to continue the coverups and corruption that is our one political party system. Trump who was given absolutely no chance at the beginning of this presidential election cycle destroyed the Globalist controlled republican candidates in the primary. He alone stepped in front of the nation of deplorables and is leading them to certain victory in November. These corrupt individuals that have been fooling the American voter for decades are now in full panic mode. Their plans of a New World Order/One World Government are coming apart at the seams as their candidate struggles to even stay awake. They look at Trump as a traitor as they are aware of what he knows about them all. The difference is Trump unlike them, is not a traitor to his country or the constitution. 
The Bush/Clinton alliance will not bring any new followers as the deplorable American voter now sees through the deceptions and lies. Both the Bush family and Clinton family are tied heavily to the Saudi’s and to the turmoil in the Middle East. Both have CIA backgrounds, are Santanist, backed by Wall Street and of course share Globalist views. Bill Clinton quietly opened the doors at the end of his 2nd term for Islamic sleeper cells that have infiltrated the US, Little George continued the policy and Obama is holding the gates open and Hillary vows to increase the numbers by over 500%. All part of the plan to destroy our society and cultures as is being done in Europe. 
Many on the left who follow Globalist doctrine mindlessly are defending a so-called religion that will in the end destroy them. Obama and Clinton refuse to say Islamic terrorism as the new word is international terrorism. The incidents this past weekend still won’t change the minds of the sheep who truly believe the Globalist lies and their puppets. Everything is a conspiracy theory as they prefer to call Trump and his army of deplorables names such as racists and sexists. All I can say is take a trip to Sweden, Germany, France or even the UK and walk through the neighborhoods where the Islamic migrants are. Advice; you probably will need a police escort. 


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