Where Is Huma Abedin? Hillary’s Islamic Half

The once always by Hillary’s side Huma Abedin seems to have left the Clinton Campaign? For the past several years Huma was a permanent fixture as Hillary’s top aide whether at the State Department, the Clinton Foundation or personal. Though lacking the required security clearances Huma was the go to for anyone wanting to meet up with Hillary, as she, Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton all had access to the same server used by Hillary while at the State Department. Huma’s sudden disappearance has gone under the radar of the MSM propagandists as there is no mention of it. She had just filed for separation from husband, the now infamous former New York congressman Anthony ” I gotta show you” Weiner, whose once promising political career self destructed when he exposed himself while texting and on social media. He failed in a comeback bid while running for Mayor of New York, voters seemed to have seen enough “literally” as this failed miserably. 
Huma’s sudden disappearance is most likely a political move so that her involvement in the email scandal, the Pay for Play scandal and a apparent life long connections to the Muslim organizations that are listed as a terrorist organizations by many country’s. You can be assured that although not seen she is close by and still heavily involved as an aide to Hillary. MSM has never really told anyone about Abedin as she was just considered an aide with no real power or involvement in any decision making. Her true background and position within Hillary’s inner circle were ignored by MSM and therefore hidden by MSM. What has been hidden is disturbing and gives insight to who Hillary is, and what direction she plans to take our country if she were to somehow pull of a steal of this election as she did the Democratic primary. 
Huma Mahmood Abedin was born in Kalamazoo Michigan in 1976, she is of Indian and Pakistani decent, she practices the Muslim faith. She left the US with her parents both educators at the age of 2 and moved to Saudi Arabia, she then attended a British girls school, and finally returned to the US for college. Graduate of George Washington University (BA) she first appeared on the scene as an intern in the White House assigned to then First Lady Hillary in 1996, returning to be Clinton’s traveling chief of staff during the 2008 Democratic Primary, she has been by Hillary’s side ever since. Officially listed as vice chairwoman of the 2016 Campaign, she is rumoured to be Clinton’s choice for Secretary of State. Her father Syed Zainul Abedin (d.1993) founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs in 1978, then in 1979 he founded the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs that Huma’s mother Saleha Mahmood Abedin now runs, Huma was an assistant editor for the Journal 1996-2008. 
The Abedin family has been connected to Abdullah Omar Nasseef since their arrival in Saudi Arabia and Nasseef who heads up The Muslim World League helped finance the Abedin family run organization and Journal, he has also been linked to Al Qaeda of which ISIS is an off shoot of. Nasseef only claims to work for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia yet a simple Google search reveals much more… It isn’t hard to connect all the dots as you look into just what is going on. Simple lines are drawn showing the Globalist connections and the Muslim connections. Huma Abedins mother is a firm believer in Sharia ( Islamic Law) the Saudi Government practices this law to the fullest, ISIS promotes and practices the same. Huma’s family also promotes the same as the Muslim Brotherhood does also. All of these groups have connections that ultimately lead back to the same goal, promote world domination by the Islamic religion and implementation of Sharia. The Globalist who believe in one government and one religion chose Islam as the religion as it includes very strict laws as well as its religious purpose, a two birds with one stone philosophy. 
Clinton the Globalist with Huma the Islam connection we can see just what the plans are. This explains the forced intake of Islamic refugees that will bring their religion and laws into western culture and destroy what they find as they use their beliefs to drive them to violent overthrows of society and culture. Barack Hussein Obama the Islamic educated president and Globalist who in conjunction with Hillary and her Islamic connections through Huma destabilized and helped overthrow governments that did not bend over to the demands of Sharia, will continue the policies begun for the completion of the New World Order/Globalist One World Government. We must remember that both Bush’s were very close to the Saudi’s who were involved in 9/11 and are the main financiers of Islamic jihadist world wide. So Huma may not be in sight, yet she is still doing her job to ensure that all Americans will one day be part of the One World religion that is Islam.


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