Riots Rock Charlotte NC, Syrian Cease Fire Ends, Globalist Plan Continues

How do you like Globalism? What we are witnessing is the Globalist plan to force their agenda upon all of humanity. The Demonic leaders of the Liberal Left, puppets to the Globalist Masters whose goal of destroying freedom of thought, ideas and life is in full operation. From the Islamic terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota to the police shootings in Oklahoma and North Carolina and the racially driven rioting that followed in NC the American front is on target. The end of the Cease Fire in Syria that was doomed to fail from the beginning, as Globalist US planes broke the agreement by bombing a long standing Syrian Army post in conjunction with an ISIS ground operation was falsely claimed to be a mistake in targeting. This was followed by a bombing of a Red Crescent convoy attempting to enter the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo by Syrian or Russian planes or so we are to believe. Of course this bombing is the one Globalist MSM want you to be outraged about. After all the Globalist claim that Russia is out to take over the world by force, something that is entirely not true.
President Obama who stood in front of the UN this week, told its members that the Globalist vision of a New World Order through “Liberal Democracy” is on course. Liberal Democracy? That is what he said, and simply put that’s not democracy at all, the Liberal is the new Globalist addition as they attempt to destroy all opposition that doesn’t agree with their leftist agendas. Obama also told the world that we must accept the Islamic religion and cultures as to not agree is not the Liberal way of thinking that is required. He then put the Russians up as the major source of war with the goal of Empire building. The alliances were set as the Russians had a target placed upon them and Islamic fundamentalism was to be allied with the Globalist New World Order. 
The word Islamic is not to be linked with terrorism here at home, as the so-called liberal left is reconstructing our language to fit their goals. If you don’t agree with the Globalist controlled liberal left your words are labeled as hate speech, illegal immigrants are now to be called undocumented immigrants, the Globalist Islamic Army that is flooding into Europe and the US are refugees. The beatings and rapes of women and children in Europe are to be forgiven as this is normal in the Islamic faith. After all the Globalist will institute Sharia law as they foam at the mouth excitedly at the shear thought of heads being chopped off, women being stoned to death for dishonoring their families, the reinstitution of slavery as is legally practised under Sharia. Islam after all is the religion of peace or so they say. 
Our local police officers are under extreme pressure as they deal with criminals pulling guns on them, they were trained to shoot first and not wait to see if the suspect can shoot straight. Now even when a Black officer shoots a Black American despite asking them not to reach for or to drop their gun its considered a racist act. After all it was just a book right? No but that doesn’t matter as we see in Charlotte NC the streets will become a war zone as protest turn quickly into riots. Instigators such as Black Lives Matter incite crowds to go on a rampage as this is all part of the Globalist agenda. The creation of a race war gives them the authority to declare Martial Law. Globalist Demon Nazi George Soros financially backs BLM as President Obama, Attorney General Lynch and Hillary Clinton all puppets to the Globalists have given BLM leaders verbal backing. 
George Nazi Madman Soros who financially funds BLM, Clinton’s Campaign, Islamic “refugees” is now trying to produce 8 million Clinton votes from overseas. A clear attempt to throw the election to Globalist Clinton. All the while Clinton and Obama claim that Russian President Putin is going to rig the election for Russian agent Donald Trump. Hillary just claimed Russia was behind the terrorist attacks in New York and New Jersey, it was also Donald Trumps fault for the riots in North Carolina. 
The Globalist-s are setting up the next stage in Operation Annihilate that is to forever eliminate the sovereignty of the US and its people. Keep an eye out for a huge event to make it appear that Trump or Putin or both are involved. Pass the word that it is expected and may happen, if the Globalists realize we are watching they may abort the mission. We must realize that these Globalist and their puppets are weak, sickly, mentally deranged Demons who are in truth cowards. They rely on lies, deceptions and money to get others to act out for them. Globalist MSM will back up any story they will give as they are nothing but low life propagandist. 
Dangerous times just went even more dangerous, the Globalist’s are in full panic mode, their hopes are on a sickly, coughing, stumbling old woman who can’t even look you in the eye as her health is deteriorating quickly, her soul was sold long ago and as the devil always does he lied to her as she does you. He like she, relishes in watching people struggle as its all entertainment to him. Let’s get this right and defeat these minions of evil who wish humanity the worst of all outcomes. 


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