The Obama Legacy, Division Terrorism Corruption Lies And Failure

There is no need to wonder how people will remember our 44th President, Barack Obama, all you have to do is look around at the turmoil at home and throughout the world. There has been no leadership coming from the White House, only silence at times of trouble. When there are words, they are only those of division and blame, as Obama never takes responsibility for anything. The corruption that seems imbedded within the federal government has hit all time highs. The Obama/Clinton foreign policy failures have the world on the verge of nuclear war. The economy is teetering on a complete collapse as manufacturing jobs continue to leave and growth is anemic at best. Obama increased the debt in 8 years by doubling the debt of the previous 240 years combined. The US military is in a shambles as its objectives are unclear, and it lacks manpower and equipment. Healthcare costs are rising as quality plummets. The educational system is failing at both the primary and university levels. Everything in every category is in free fall as Obama stood by and watched.
This is a man that little was known about, the truth never seemed to be told about just who he really is. Let’s start with where he was born, yes he was born in Hawaii we think, however that birth certificate that is an obvious fake so proudly posted on that took 3 years to be posted is a fake. Since when does a typewriter which was used in those days, leave a white halo around both the typed and preprinted letters that was the blank before information was filled in? Look at the left side as it seems to be rolled yet the background of dark green pattern aligns everywhere else. Look at the word African for race, number one African was not used in the mid 60’s it should read Negro or Black. His mother signed with a different first name than in parentheses added her correct name. And the last signature is a cute joke, U.K.L. Lee. Its all there look for yourself. The reason the birth in Kenya story started was to hide the fact that Obama’s real father wasn’t the Kenyan Obama, his mother was married to at the time, it was Frank Marshal Davis an American. 
Davis was a Soviet controlled asset who was a leader of the American Communist Party and lived in Hawaii, his main source of income was as a pornographic filmmaker. Obama’s mother and maternal grandfather both worked for the CIA and were assigned to Davis. Once divorced from Obama’s namesake his mother married an Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro. His job cover was as a geographer and government relations. He worked for the government of Indonesia and Union Oil Company. This marriage by Obama’s mother was in fact a CIA assignment. Soetoro was a Sunni Muslim and Obama first attended a Catholic School then his last one and a half years he spent at the Besuki School that was a state run Muslim school while he lived in Indonesia.
Obama at 9 yrs. old returned to Hawaii with his mother and stayed behind to live with his maternal grand parents as his mother returned to Indonesia. He attended local schools until his High School graduation. His grandfather Stanley Dunham spent a lot of time with Frank Davis and so did Obama, as he admits in his book Dreams from My Father. As a child Obama may not have known that his real father was Davis but the fact that Davis became his surrogate father was certainly promoted by both his mother and grand parents. 
We only need to skip to Obama’s years of studying law at Harvard, the school of the privileged and well connected, his mother and grandfather being in the CIA was his connection. Its not often that you run across anyone who attends these prestiges schools like Harvard, Yale etc.. Unless you are in big business, a high level politician or government employee. These are the chosen ones that become our future leaders. The Clinton’s both attended Yale as did Bush 41 & 43, John F. Kennedy was a Harvard grad also. While at Harvard Obama became the first Black editor of the Harvard Law Review, over the years he told people his name was Barry Soetoro, or Barrack Obama born in Kenya, his years at Harvard seem mysterious as his records are sealed. 
After Law school he practiced law as a civil rights attorney then taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago before entering politics. He fast tracked into the White House by beating out Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary then beating Republican Senator John McCain in 2008. During this campaign for the presidency Obama never seemed to offer up any answers as to who he is, the birther question was in fact started by himself with his own claim of a Kenyan birth during his early college days and even while at Harvard. CIA controlled MSM ran cover story after cover story for him, all that mattered was that he was articulate and he was the first Black American who could win the White House. Well he promised change and he did win. 
What that change was turned out to be for the worse, as he has systematically destroyed Americas prestige throughout the world. At home he has done nothing to change Americans lives for the better as he only seems to want to end our sovereignty and throw us head first into the horrors of Globalism. He refuses to say Radical Islamic terrorism, he has destroyed our military might, opened our southern borders by telling our border guards to stand down, told the FBI not to investigate suspected terrorists, he promotes Islam over Christianity, and he has often told the world how bad of people Americans are. Obama’s or whatever his real name is, legacy is that of the worst and most treasonous president to ever serve. We have riots in the streets, terrorism unleashed, an economic collapse in our near future and a nuclear war with Russia being setup right now. The only thing that is really known is that Obama like Clinton and the Bush’s before him comes from the bowels of our corrupted Globalist controlled Central Intelligence Agency. 
The CIA has gone from working for the President to having the President work for them. Presidents may change as directors of the agency do, but the CIA over the years grew into the controller and not the controlled, the bureaucracy is were its power lies. Those who have held power for years and remain loyal to the agency first. They tolerate the attempted interference from the directors who hold no power at all, it is made clear who is really in charge from day one. It is here that the power is, not on the surface, their budget is secret, their operations whether legal or illegal are run in secret, even kept from the figure head director or president. They answer to no one, making them the all powerful OZ behind the curtain. 



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