Should Obama And Clinton Be Tried For Crimes Against The United States?

When Donald Trump wins the election and then is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, should he use the full force of the law and begin to round up all of the Globalists both Democrat and Republican who committed crimes against the US? As we have seen with the Hillary Clinton’s email scandal there were many more involved, that included Obama. There was a reason Hillary never worried about it, she knew Obama and others couldn’t allow her to be charged without risking their own involvement being known. The corruption runs so deep where would you begin?
What we do know now is that 9/11 was an inside job, used to begin the Globalist plan to destabilize the Middle East. Iraq was the easiest target to begin the program with. Saddam had no allies in the region who would come to his aid, his Sunni Muslim minority would topple quickly with the help of the Kurds in the north and the Shiites in the south and east. Once Saddam’s regime was toppled their was little chance that any government could hold the country together. 
Obama ran in 2008 and promised to leave Iraq, a bring the men and women home pledge, many Americans had tired of this war and took Obama’s bait. He said the same about the war in Afghanistan, Bin Laden had been chased out quickly and the Taliban who the US had overthrown had become less of a threat. But Obama kept US troops there and though some will deny it, we are still there due to pressure from within the CIA to protect the poppy fields that generates billions. The CIA has been the worlds largest drug cartel for years. It has been one of its largest sources of income to run covert operations throughout the world. Under the Taliban this major source of heroin had dried up, as the Taliban regime was against being involved in the drug business. 
Meanwhile Obama kept his pledge and pulled out of Iraq leaving massive US military supplies behind, we later heard that ISIS and Al Qeada groups would soon be in possession of these weapons. Obama and his Secretary of State Clinton had begun phase two of the Globalist plan of destabilization. The next operation called Arab Spring had begun. The overthrow of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Algeria were next in line. Colonel Gaddafi had been involved in the Palestinian Israeli conflict in the past so despite his willingness to work with the Globalist he was thrown out in a violent insurgency as most of the rebels were not even Libyans. Al Qeada the CIA and Saudi created terrorist organization that was in fact controlled by these interests had begun to morph into ISIS, they were trained and armed by US and British special forces in Jordan and funded by the Saudi’s and other gulf states. 
Mubarak of Egypt, a long time friend of the US stepped down under US pressure to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to attain power as it was more attuned to the Globalist wish of an Islamic state run under Sharia. After a short time Egyptians again went to the streets and a Military Coup regained control and returned Egypt to a secular nation that no longer trusts Globalists. The law used in Saudi Arabia, Sharia was chosen as the one religion for the One World Government. The part most people in Europe and the US fail to understand, is Sharia demands that true believers in the prophet Muhammad and Allah are taught that they are to by force if necessary take over the world. This makes Muslims easy to use as an army to overthrow the other religions and faiths as they are less violent. A Muslim is taught that to die for Allah is better than life. They believe that they are to kill or enslave all nonbelievers as it is Allah’s command. The perfect ally for the Globalist as their plans are coming to light. 
The wars in Yemen, Syria and many places in Africa are in the minds of the Sunni Muslim being done for Allah, those who migrate as refugees to Europe and the US are in fact going in with the goal to one day have Sharia be the religion and law of the land. George HW Bush, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all have said “the rule of law”, Sharia is the law these Globalist mean. Neither means our constitution as they don’t believe in it. The Constitution doesn’t allow for Globalization with its combination of church and state. The Bush family and Clinton’s as most Globalist’s are Satanist yet they have an agreement with the Saudi’s that overrides this unholy alliance. Fact is that they are using each other and both believe that once their joint enemies have been defeated they will turn on each other. 
Globalism must be stopped, the wars and our participation must end. As Americans just witnessed their President side with the Saudi’s and vetoed the 9/11 bill as this is proof of his Globalist beliefs. His bringing in 100’s of thousands of Muslims onto our shores to begin our turn into an Islamic State with Sharia law, as all members of the Globalist One World Government will be. Hillary Clinton has promised even more if she were to win the election. We Americans have one shot left to end this head long dive into Globalist hell. Donald Trump has to become President and hopefully he will take down the snakes by doing what our laws prescribe for those who commit treason. Remember Hillary’s own words while in a fit of rage after the Commander in Chief Forum to her aides, “That Fu&#ing Fascist will have all of our heads in nooses.” It appears that Hillary knows that she, Obama and others have been committing some very serious crimes against the people of the United States. You know, you Deplorable lazy people as the Globalist call you.


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