Lock And Load Trump vs. Clinton, One On One For 90 Minutes, No Holds Barred

We have been waiting for it and now its here, Republican Donald J Trump takes on Democrat Hillary R Clinton, Hofstra University Hempstead NY. Lester Holt of NBC will referee this match between the candidates for 6, 15 minute rounds of topics that are on the minds of voters. 
Will Trump use his quick comebacks to counter claims by Clinton as he did to knock out the 16 Republicans in the primary? Or will he adjust tactics and wait for a Clinton mistake to pounce on her continuous lies that she seems unable to stop? Does Hillary have the stamina to go toe to toe for 90 minutes without a break? We know Trump has shown no problem going the distance, Hillary’s health issues appear to limit her greatly. 
It is being said that there will be 100 million viewers making this debate the most watched program in history. Sadly many will watch just to see if Clinton can make it through what to her will be a marathon 90 minutes. Will she have a coughing episode or freeze up physically or mentally, or even worse? Will Trump show that he truly does deserve to be our president, and be the strong leader we need? We all will have many questions answered tonight, make sure you tune in on TV or online. We will get a chance to see Trump and Clinton side by side, watch their demeanor and style. This should be as good if not better than any debate ever seen in history.


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