Fact Check Your Fact Checks, Clinton And Biased Media Need To Tell Truth

So tired of hearing the words “fact check” coming from the mouths of lying Democrats and their MSM biased lying propagandist. We heard Crooked, Lying, Satan worshiping Clinton chirping “fact checkers get to work” during the debate last night. Lester “I’m a Shill” Holt actually sat in front of over 100 million people and fact checked Donald Trump with two outright lies. Trump was against the invasion of Iraq and he did not start the birther issue as the Liars Club tries to claim. What Trump said last night was the truth. 
Here are the lies the fact checkers didn’t check their facts on when it came to their Queen of Lies, NAFTA- Clinton has claimed it was wonderful and then needed changes then wonderful again last night. TPP – Clinton did call it the gold standard of trade deals, she only changed this after Trump said it was a terrible idea. Birther issue – Syd Blumenthal is in fact the original source, he is one of Clinton’s closest friends and confidants, some of his emails were in those that Clinton didn’t delete and turned over to congress and the FBI, as he still is a Clinton advisor. 
We all saw as this debate was more about Trump and what he said than real issues facing America, or the crimes and lies of Hillary Clinton and her media shill’s. Even Ford Motor Company CEO Mark Fields  got into the act and claimed that by moving his entire small car division from the US to Mexico “will not cost one US job” is a bold face lie. Ford is building two large plants in Mexico and if you think this will not cost one US job your living in a fantasy. 
When Americans wake up and realize that this election is not about Trumps taxes, how much money his father loaned him or any of the false claims that he is racist, sexist, homophobic, Xenophobic and others. Its about government corruption, jobs, an infrastructure that’s crumbling, inner cities so violent even the police are terrified, our Bill of Rights, 20 trillion in debt, terror, ISIS, outdated and weakened military, Globalism illegal immigration and the future for our children. Hillary Clinton has played a part in everything that’s wrong in America, Donald Trump represents everything that can be possible with vision and someone willing to be an active leader, not someone who stays out of sight for days on end. 


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