Trump Presidential And Truthful, Clinton Lied With Every Breath, Holt Played Shill

First debate goes to Trump as Clinton can’t stop lying to save her life. Lester Holt played the Shill as he too left the truth at the door. Fact check the Establishment as they even create lies to represent facts. Despite 6 days of bed rest that Clinton called learning to become president she still appeared tired but that was due to anti-seizure medication. She and Holt continued the lie that the birther issue was a Trump claim, they both lied again claiming Trump supported the war in Iraq. 
Trump pulled some punches as he is keeping in tune with holding off on the knock out, until closer to election day if needed. The sheep who follow mindlessly the lies of Clinton were probably ecstatic that she remained on her feet. The battle will continue and we will have to endure the continuous lies of the Globalist puppets led by Clinton and her propagandist MSM for a while longer. In the end the truth shall prevail, we who know this truth need only to wait for the cards to fall. 


5 thoughts on “Trump Presidential And Truthful, Clinton Lied With Every Breath, Holt Played Shill

  1. Hey there sport! A couple of things. The claim has never been that Trump came up with birtherism. He was however one of the most high-profile proponents of the conspiracy theory, this seems pretty hard to deny. And in a more rational election, touting racist-influenced conspiracy theory would be a dealbreaker.

    Trump did speak out against the Iraq war, but not until after it started. No evidence has been found that he was against it “all along” as he claims. He may have been against it in private, of course, but claiming to have been i public when the records show otherwise is not a good thing when applying for the presidency.

    Hillary is far from the best candidate in the world, but there is no equivalence here. Trump’s ignorance on actual politics (he’s got nothing policy-wise), his flippant comments about international matters (remember this affects a lot of people outside the US too), his obvious ties to Russia (please explain how on earth this doesn’t freak out you Republicans) all together disqualify him from the presidency.

    Best regards, Sam / your alt-rock band, a truth called nothing


    1. Well seems you have been watching too much mainstream media, Trump has laid out his plans in detail on his website. That is a fake birth certificate on no typewriter can give typed letters a halo, and his so-called fathers race would have been negro or black in the mid sixties, chances are he was not even Obama’s kid. Try Frank Marshall Davis for size, why did it take 3 years to post? And why was it a racial question anyway? Just because Obama is black? Seems Democrats say everything is racial. Clinton is a life long criminal and you must admit that or your lying to yourself. Love the use of conspiracy theory lol, yea chemtrails aren’t real either right? And by the way Hillary while at state gave a Russian company 20% of our national known uranium containing lands, after the Russians paid her. All facts not Globalist BS. Take care


  2. Hey, thanks for getting back to me! Trump may have detailed his plans, but not to the extent you would expect for someobe applying for one of the most important jobs in the world. He demonstrably knows nothing about the nitty-gritty of how politics works.

    Ok, conspiracies. I can tell I probably won’t be able to make much headway here, but what the hell. Things like the type having a different colour or a “halo” as you say… These things do bot have any legal value. I mean that’s Freeman of the Land level nonsense. The bureaus who issue these documents are staffed by humans, who make mistakes, papers are smudged sometimes etc. It’s not evidence of conspiracy. Why is it racist? Well, the thing is that white people also have the ability to not have been born in the US. So obviously it’s suspicious when these questions are only raised in connection with the first black president.

    No, chemtrails aren’t real. Here’s the main thing with conspiracy… No huge coverup, secret government project etc could ever be carried out without flunkies. There always have to be common wprkers who deliver mail, answer telephones, and so on ad infinitum. Is it likely that conspiracies of that magnitude would be able to be carried out without someone blowing the whistle? Especially considering your presidents can’t even keep their cheating under wraps, or simple surveillance jobs on the opposition. These things seem to have shape when you stare hard at them while perusing the online bubble of conspiracy theorists. But it all falls apart if you look for some measure of independent corroboration.

    You know HC is by definition not a criminal. She has not been sentenced for any crime. In fact, she has been investigated more thoroughly that pretty much any candidate – certainly more than Trump. You can disagree with the organisations who did the investigating, but the fact is that no smoking gun gas been found.

    Stay safe / samuel


    1. Okay guess you’ve not seen government docs. on using Chemtrails for both biological warfare and weather manipulation, CIA and UN. They used to seed clouds back in the 70’s. You really have to understand what these people are capable of. And if you think Hillary and Bill are innocent of crime then you are being fooled. There’s more here than Republican vs. Democrat. It is Globalist vs. Nationalist as Brexit was for that reason. I agree to disagree and hope Trump wins because I believe in the constitution and know Obama and Clinton do not. The halo was white around black typed letters and that is impossible. Take it easy man.


      1. All right, I’ll leave the conspiracies. I’ll just say this: while there are of course dishonest and corrupt people in every field, it is not generally in the best interests of either governments or corporations to actively poison or kill their subjects/customers. There are enough real problems in the world… You’re wasting your own and others’ time chasing ghosts and delusions.

        Yes, I agree that globalist versus nationalist is the main conflict right now, and probably will be for a while. The problem is that neither side is the solution.

        But politics is always about the lesser of two evils. And there’s no equivalence btw HC and DT. (DT demonstrably is not a constitutionist, btw. He said people have no right to insult and critisise him in media. That is literally the exact right they have acc to the constitution.) If you look at it clearly, DT is more problematic on almost every count. Watch this video and tell me there’s equivalence:

        Good to talk to you, btw. I like to think we have to try to communicate with those we disagree with rather than yell people down.


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