As President, Patriot Donald Trump Faces A Monumental Task

Some say it only took Barack Obama 7.5 years to put us where we are today, a nation nearing its end. Many ignore the parts played by former presidents Bush 1&2 and Bill Clinton, and the Administrations going back further in our history. Where to start would require a 10 volume set of books the size of War and Peace to cover all of the missteps and deeds that have made us who we are today. There is plenty of blame to go around as only the fact that we are a Republic and not a straight out Democracy has kept us from being gone long ago. Many are unaware just how important our Constitution is and why it alone has kept us able to have the now limited sense of freedoms we do today. We still have the right to vote and because of the wrench Donald Trump has thrown into the machine we still have a chance to reverse the death spiral we are in. 
Much of our problems began before World War I as then president Woodrow Wilson allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve, unlike its name, it is a privately owned organization that claims to have complete control of all banking and money matters in our country. A true scam, thought up and pushed by the Elite of the day like J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller Jr. and others who lobbied Congress and the president and got the Federal Reserve Act into law on December 23 1913. This was the day that private bankers took control of the US banking and economy as it still is in control today. They have never been audited and they have nobody to answer to as they hold all the power. Imagine being in control of all the money with nobody at all to oversee what you do? You make your own rules and  just as a casino, have the odds in your favor, bankers have it even better. President John F. Kennedy challenged the Federal Reserve and ended up assassinated, don’t believe there wasn’t a connection. He had become a threat to the Elite and they weren’t going to stand quietly by and allow anyone to disrupt their power.
After the Great Depression that the Fed as we know the Federal Reserve today, stood by and did nothing to stop it, as it would only grant them even more control in the end as the Elite profited and took more control. The big cats ate up the smaller cats in banking and business. Governments throughout the world were forced to borrow more money and the Elite just watched their profits grow. Unlike many believe, then President Franklin D. Roosevelt created a plan called The New Deal as this was to be the way out, again it gave an illusion of things to become better for the average American, but it didn’t. Only a war (WWII) could and did put the country back on its feet. The Elite again profited as they were behind both sides financially and through businesses that became international to some extent after WWI, after WWII they became even more tied to this global idea as the lines and boundaries became nonexistent. 
It was after WWII that gave us a new player controlled by the Elite, known as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), during WWII we relied on the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) to go behind enemy lines and gather information for our military, other duties were subversion, propaganda and post war planning. The CIA was born September 18 1947 and replaced the OSS under the leadership of the military at first it then was turned over to a civilian, Allen W. Dulles in 1953, diplomat and lawyer, brother to Secretary of State John F. Dulles. Both brothers attended Princeton and were members of the American Whig – Cliosophic Society. Other past members are Sen. Ted Cruz, Supreme Court Justice Alito, US Presidents Buchanan, Jackson, Madison, Wilson, Monroe and even political activist Ralph Nader. The reason I mention this Society is to explain that not only is our banking and economy run by Elites there is an Elite class within politics also. And these Societies play a role in the level of power they can attain, and in politics today the CIA plays a pivotal role. 
During WWII the OSS through its propaganda oversaw the press at home, they made certain that what was reported didn’t endanger operations or alert the enemy to them, under Allen Dulles and the CIA, Operation Mockingbird was begun and recruited American journalists and funded student and cultural organizations and even started magazines as it began to control what the media said and therefore became what we have today. A state run MSM that only tells you what they want you to know and even places false narratives to make you believe lies. The claim that Operation Mockingbird was ended is false as it was a story to deceive and hide the truth. If you honestly believe that what you’re told by MSM is not what in truth a way for you to be controlled than I’m sorry, but the facts say otherwise. 
Allen Dulles has connections that go back to the Elite bankers that created the Fed. The Bush family has connections that go back to the CIA and to the Elite, as Barack Obama has connections to the CIA and the Clinton’s as well. The CIA, Fed and Elite are in truth one in the same. Your news sources or MSM is CIA connected and Elite owned. As Newt Gingrich said, the reason the Establishment fears Donald Trump so much is that he doesn’t belong to this group of Elite that go back 100 plus years, he is not CIA and he doesn’t belong to any of their Societies both secret or otherwise. He has been forced to deal with them and do business with them as it would have been impossible to have become so wealthy without doing so. And while he was in their circle he learned the truth about their plans and just who is who. Don’t believe that when he mentioned Ted Cruz’s fathers ties to Oswald that it was just some random claim, he knows Oswald was a CIA patsy and he knows that Ted Cruz’s father was CIA. He knows what he is saying and that the Establishment (CIA and Elite) have plans to create a One World Government with their being the slaves (you) and the Elite who have complete control. 
He knows that Islam is being used by the Elite or now Globalists I should say, to create cause for the destruction of your freedoms, Trump knows the educational system is purposely meant to make children submissive and lacking the ability to think as they are dumbed down. Trump knows all the plans that are in store, he knows the Globalist are going to try anything and everything to destroy the US and since he has as he is rightly saying become the messenger he too is in extreme danger of being assassinated. 
There are more out there, who like Trump see what is really happening, they are in business, the military, FBI, local Police departments and even politics. Many have remained quiet as they know what happens when you try to stop these Globalists and those they control. Many of those who are controlled are laying in wait to stand and end the spiral into death that America is in. Trump knows he is not alone, he does know that many have to play along with the game so as not to be exposed too soon. This is a revolution that is going on as America was stolen from us by the Elite who could care less what words are written in the Constitution as they have been ignoring it for years. 
This election will be the one that determines it all, do we live free or submit to the wishes of the Elite and there sick Globalist plans. Do we live by the dreams that this country was created on or do we lay down and disavow all of it. Black,White, Yellow, Red or Brown it doesn’t matter we all need to unite and stop the craziness of this Globalization under laws that restrict every bit of freedom of speech, life and liberty. There is nothing we can do about those followers (sheep) who have allowed themselves to believe these wolves who will devour them once they have helped them devour us. At this point it is too late for most as they really believe in being controlled and giving up all freedom to keep them safe. “Yeah get rid of guns that will end violence”, “you can’t say that it is offensive”, Oh that’s hate speech”, “Islam is a peaceful religion”, “Socialism is the answer” or “I’m voting for Hillary because she cares about the poor, she’s going to tax the rich and give us the money.” The last one is the most ridicules one of all, if she is really going to tax the rich then why is it the rich who fund her campaign? “Case closed” it is all lies and somehow some people still believe it. 
There is a lot of hard work ahead and we are not alone, my blogs have been read in 80 countries by only a quarter of a million people this past few months, but this shows that there are people throughout the world that are seeking answers and truth, they know the importance of this election to not only ourselves but to them also. Let’s win this thing and take back what is rightfully ours from the hands of the Globalists. They have had control long enough, time to step forward, armed with the truth, with someone who is willing to lead us away from the certainty of hell. Help Donald Trump help us.


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