Leadership By Example Donald Trump Gets The Job Done

There are many things being said about Donald Trump, but the word failure isn’t one of them, he has spent his entire life getting things done. From his days at the New York Military Academy to his current endeavor of becoming the 45th President of the United States. Once he decides to do something he gets it done. He has always been driven by an internal need to be the best, and yes he isn’t one to just settle for 2nd place. He picks and chooses his targets and then goes all out with a damn the torpedo’s style that can create controversy. What others may use as an excuse Donald Trump uses as a reason to forge ahead and prove that it can be done. 
He is known to be a perfectionist as his personal pilot John Dunkin can tell you, before every flight Dunkin inspects both the exterior and interior to ensure that the 757 is not only mechanically sound but also aesthetically. On a documentary about Donald Trumps personal air fleet, Dunkin tells workmen to be sure there isn’t one fingerprint left behind as Mr. Trump is sure to spot it. This shows Trumps attention to detail, while at the military academy he was in charge of the cadet students parade M1 rifles and he made sure they all were in tip top condition. He is like this in everything he does, as his need for being the best is obvious. 
Of course many mention his personal style, as he is blunt, to the point and honest at times to a fault. There are times that he throws out words that many have said are mean or sexist. This is not his intent as he only wants those around him to be their best, live up to their potential as he truly thinks that if people don’t quit, they can achieve anything. One thing many have learned the hard way is that you don’t want to get embroiled into a war of words with him. He is the master of counter punching as he throws out a word or two that can make his opponent appear unresponsive. During the campaign he has said words that had the MSM and others ask themselves “what does that mean?” He also will mention something that he knows about an opponent that others may not and this is when they buckle. 
Donald Trump will become one of the best presidents this country has ever had. Many claim he is like Ronald Reagan as Reagan was not only proud to be American, but when dealing with adversaries he was blunt and forceful. Many remember Reagans speech in Berlin Germany when he said “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall”. What most don’t remember or even know is when Gorbachev and Reagan met for the Reykjavik Summit in Iceland in 1986, the talks on intermediate range nuclear weapons, Gorbachev would not concede to Reagan’s demands. Reagan told Gorbachev in no uncertain terms that he WILL agree to his terms. Gorbachev left that meeting appearing pale and beaten, this marked the end of the Cold War between the USSR and the US. This was leadership and Reagan stood his ground and the world became safer in that moment. There was now only one Superpower that being the US. The Soviet Union collapsed on December 25 1991 as a result of this meeting and other factors too. But it showed the world that the United States was was to be respected and wouldn’t back down to anyone. 
Donald Trump will bring back the respect and influence the US once had, he is the master of the deal and will approach others in the same manner. He is poker faced as those across the table are not sure what hand he is holding. He reads his opponent and always goes in with the knowledge of what cards the other has and how they play them. He is a leader that will tell those who challenge him they won’t win right from the start. Those that have laughed him off are left sitting in the dark wondering what just happened. He gives respect as long as you are respectful to him, he won’t back down even if it takes years he will out last your ability to continue. He prides himself on coming in under budget and ahead of schedule, has excellent intuition and hires the best for the job at hand, doesn’t waste time as he understands time is money. His son Don Jr. Tells of a 5am phone call on a Saturday asking where he is at? Not thinking Don Jr. told his father he was at the office, Trumps response was “funny I’m here your not”, needless to say Don Jr. Never tried that again. Proving again that Trump strives to get the job done as there is even more to do tomorrow. We need this in government as our last few presidents have had little to no work ethic. Leadership by example and by the ability to motivate others into not only doing as he says but doing as he does. This is just some of who our next president is that will make him one of the best.


3 thoughts on “Leadership By Example Donald Trump Gets The Job Done

  1. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, “Donald, you’re no Ronald Reagan.” The stories about the plane and the 5am phone call illustrate the problem. Trump simply can’t stop obsessing over tiny details, whatever is right in front of him. It’s impossible for him to see the big picture, to lay out plans in detail, to PREPARE rather than reacting and overreacting. He can’t admit mistakes or apologize for anything, and when things go wrong it’s always the fault of others. His small-mindedness is a fatal flaw. If elected, he would rapidly turn into another paranoid (like second-term Nixon) once he discovered he can’t push Congress and the courts around like he did his former GOP opponents.

    Yes, Clinton has serious problems too, and I’m no fan of hers. But this article is about Trump, so that’s what I’m responding to.


    1. Unlike Reagan he doesn’t have a VP that does things behind his back, and the plane is more about being observant and not relying on some flunky to tell him things. The fact is he gets the job done. Hillary is a full out lying criminal who has little ability to do anything without others telling her, unless its criminal. If she somehow steals this election we are done as a country, bad enough what Obama has done and the Bush crime family… Hillary will finish us off. Best pray that Trump wins unless you want the country destroyed.


      1. Nonsense. The election of either of these weak candidates will not destroy the country. We’ve had lying crooks before, and egotistical idiots too. His flaws are more unique and harder to control than hers. But since I’m not in a swing state, and the D nominee (whoever it is) will win here as they have for decades, I’m free to skip the top box entirely and just vote the local races.

        It’s the fault of the major parties we have so little to choose between. Neither of them represent America’s best.

        I’ll be praying God’s will be done, not assuming I know what it is. I’ll accept the result.


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