Mainstream Media, Masters Of The PSYOP

When you look at the news today through print, the internet, radio or TV one distinction stands out, there is mostly nothing but state controlled propaganda. Most of what you come across is untrue or deceptions made to make you think in a certain way. Many had begun to rely on social media sites to find the news of the day, but this to is becoming increasingly controlled as those who own and operate these sites use various techniques to hide certain news or opinions that they feel undermine the narrative they want you to follow. Even the internet browsers have gotten into this control by auto completing your search or burying news sites or posts within the search. Unfortunately this has made it increasingly harder to find the truth or different views and opinions. 
Most of our major news sources have been involved in a CIA operation called Mockingbird since the mid 1950’s. This operation gave control of the news to the CIA and therefore they have used PSYOP’s to give out certain information and indicators to audiences to influence emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and in the end the behavior of individuals. These PSYOP’s are also used by the CIA in the entertainment industry in TV, music and movies. Despite what you believe many of your thoughts are based on total fabrication that has been installed over years of being influenced by these PSYOP’s. 
Look at the news today, Children being killed in Russian and Syrian attacks in Aleppo Syria. First they mention the children to grasp at your heart, “those poor kids are getting killed and injured”, then they tell you who is doing this “Russia and Syria” now you have the villain. Then its “in Syria”, now your thinking  those jerks (Russian and Syrians) are killing their own people. Oh the web they weave, the story is missing the most important parts and therefore its to deceive you. What you’re not being told is that the troops they are fighting to retake a Syrian city by the Syrian army with the help of the Russians, are radical Islamists under many names and groups that are armed by the US and our allies. The Syrians and Russians didn’t start this, it was your government. So while the media wants you to think that the Russians and Syrians are the villains, in truth it is us. 
PSYOP’s have been used for years, the Gulf of Tonkin that led to our involvement in Vietnam, 9/11 was another to get us into Iraq and Afghanistan to destabilize the region, just to name two. We should now know our elections have been nothing more than PSYOP’s to make you believe you are making the choices. The fact is the Elite, who control the CIA and therefore the media have chosen who the winner is in advance for sometime. I was born in a Midwestern city that for years, just prior to local elections, the local newspaper would endorse certain politicians and tax levies the week before the election. And of course in most cases their chosen ones would win. 
This year on the national level we are seeing the same thing, Almost all media sources have been against Donald Trump, everyday story’s are run that are to make you believe unsubstantiated claims of racism, sexism etc.. Hillary Clinton gets free passes for out right crimes that would land anyone else in prison, her husband Bill was given the same treatment in the 1990’s. In truth Trump has massive support despite polls showing that its a close race. If just this once this election wasn’t rigged you can bet that Trump has 65% to Hillary’s 35% in a one on one. Only a totally brainwashed individual could believe otherwise. All that you have to do is look at rally attendance, despite a major PSYOP being in play, Trump has landslide support. Hillary has trouble getting 300 people to attend. All of her support comes from those involved in PSYOP’s and those that fall for them. 
The last debate was an obvious attempt by the Elite to make Trump look bad. Lester Holt who is controlled by the Elite, lied about the birther issue, Iraq, and that stop and search was unconstitutional. He interrupted Trump 41 times and Hillary only 5. Holt never asked about the emails or the fraudulent Clinton Foundation. The next debate will have the CIA’s own Anderson Cooper as one of the moderators. You can bet he too will avoid the life long scandals of the Clinton’s.
Look at how the news media has avoided the rapes and sexual abuses by Bill Clinton and Hillary’s involvement with threats and intimidation to these women. Somehow mentioning that a woman is overweight is a mortal flaw, yet to rape a woman is just fine. Even the women on the View television show sit in front of millions of viewers and claim rape is okay to them. Proves their involvement in the PSYOP being waged against Trump. The firing by CNN of Dr. Drew and the recent firing of Michael Savage from WABC was only because they refused to partake in these lie based PSYOP’s. The attacks on Alex Jones and others by claiming they are “Conspiracy Theorists” is more evidence of attempts to silence the truth. That word comes directly out of the CIA as it was and is used to label someone as crazy or not telling the truth. What do you think when you hear the words conspiracy theorist? Exactly! That is just what they want you to believe, maybe you should start listening to some truths and find some truth and don’t fall for the Elite Globalist PSYOP’s. 


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