Hillary Clinton, Criminally Insane Or Just Evil?

Is anyone paying attention to this woman’s words and actions? Can you not hear or see the things she says about those who disagree or what she has done for the past 30 years? She claims Donald Trump supporters are deplorable and not American, she was caught telling donors that Bernie Sanders supporters are basement dwelling free loaders. She calls the women who her husband “on paper only” who engaged in affairs with or sexually assaulted and even raped, Bimbos as if its all their fault these things happened. Her mentor was a KKK member and recruiter, the former Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, now she plans to shut down the Coal industry in WV putting thousands out of work. Her Clinton Foundation took in $100 million plus for relief efforts in Haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010 that killed more than 160,000 and left 1.5 million homeless, only her family and friends profited as the Haitian people still suffer today. 
Hillary used her Foundation to profit while at the Department of State in a major pay to play scheme, she allowed government secrets to be accessed by those around her who had no security clearances, and allowed hackers to see the emails repeatedly, then destroyed 33,000 emails that had been under Congressional subpoena. Her corrupt friends, FBI director Comey and Attorney General Lynch let her off. Both have ties to the Clinton.
The list of crimes and cover ups by Hillary and her sexual predator husband is over 30 plus years and a very long list. When you look up the meaning of corruption you need only to look up Hillary and Bill Clinton. They left the White House in January of 2000 and claimed to be flat broke, but today they are worth millions despite never being in a business or selling products. They need to write a book titled “How to become super rich in politics” or “How running a charitable non profit is very profitable” its all very disturbing what the Clinton’s represent.
Now that she has made it clear that everyone who doesn’t support her are not American or stupid, just who does support her? Wall Street gives her millions for her campaign, and we are to believe she will raise their taxes. The high profile people in the entertainment field also give millions, yet again she claims to be raising their taxes too. Feminists give her support despite her receiving 100’s of millions at her Foundation from governments and individuals who have strong beliefs that women are equal only to goats and are property not to be seen or heard. Many in the LBGTQ community that don’t seem too mind that she supports governments that chop off their heads or toss them off buildings just because they are gay. Union leadership that don’t seem to mind that she and her husband through trade agreements are eliminating the good union jobs. And the poverty stricken communities that keep falling for the Democrat lies that some day, some day they will have what they need. And of course the government controlled media that will lie at every word to back her and the corrupt federal government, not because they want to, it is because they have to if they want to keep their jobs. 
After Hillary’s recent meltdown with the “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead?” Only an insane fool would ask that question. Here is your answer Hillary. You are a rude lying, criminal who some of us know is a communist and Satan worshiper that has killed those who could expose your crimes, is a war criminal that is unashamed at any evil you have done. Take your Globalism and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, you and your cronies are the ones who are deplorable, pits of hell dwelling, insanity driven un-American garbage. 


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