Beating The Globalists At Their Own Game President Trump Is The Master

When Americans went to the polls in 2016 we elected a man that promised to fix most of our problems. Donald J Trump the outsider, anti establishment candidate who shocked the political world with his off the cuff remarks. Trump steam rolled over the Republican Party and their 16 challengers with the skill of a master chess player, picking off one opponent at a time. Trump’s style though unorthodox was genius in the way he out played his professional political adversaries. When he faced off with his Democrat largely assumed the next POTUS challenger Hillary Clinton, Trump outmaneuvered the well oiled Clinton machine. 
After his first 100 days as POTUS Trump is still playing the game of politics his way as he had during the campaign. Keeping his opponents off balance he allows them to destroy themselves as they attempt to subvert his policies. The Washington Establishment, both Democrat and Republican are acting almost schizophrenic as one moment they are attacking him then the next praising him. Trump has them right where he wants them, off balance. Unfortunately some of his own base have become confused as they wonder if he has given into the Globalist policies they are so vehemently against. Everyone seems to forget the Trump tactic of allowing the opponent to assume they have the upper hand before he brilliantly slips a checkmate in. 
Ask yourself if President Trump was really all in on the Ryan healthcare bill that died quickly as it was in truth just a modification to Obamacare? Did he push it as the answer or even claim it as the fix? The answer is no as he basically allowed it to fail and therefore allowed those who were pushing it to fail. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who has been a thorn in the Trump agenda since the campaign received two black eyes and is close to being knocked out. We watched this happen time and again during the campaign as Trump’s opponents lull themselves into thinking they have him on the ropes as he quickly sidesteps their punches and they fall flat onto the canvas. 
Not only has President Trump been outplaying the US Globalist Establishment on economic and social policies he has been doing the same on foreign policy. On April 4th 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired into Syria by the US hitting the Syrian airbase Al Shayrat. This was in response to a supposed chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on the town of Khan Shaykhun in Syria’s northern province of Idlib. Killing 100 and injuring hundreds more including women and children. Suddenly the American Globalist Establishment were praising President Trump and they were noticeably acting as though they had achieved a great victory. The narrative about Syria quickly became the Globalist’s regime change narrative. 
Just days before, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had stated that regime change in Syria was not the Trump policy. Had the Globalist’s Deep State turned President Trump against his base and into their control? Remember who we are dealing with before you panic. This entire incident has red flags all over it. The town in question is under the control of Al Qaeda linked rebel groups, Al Qaeda, ISIS and other rebel groups have used chemical weapons in the past. The Syrian air force did bomb a munitions depot the rebels had within Khan Shaykhun. Al Qaeda, ISIS and their allies use innocent civilians as shields. So we can ask ourselves, What really happened? 
The Syrian base attacked by the US was said to be the staging area for the Syrian chemical attack. We can assume that if Assad did have these weapons still, despite claims that he no longer does, this base had more. We also know that Russia has military personnel dispersed throughout Syrian military bases. We have been told that the US gave the Russian’s and therefore Syria a heads up on our attack. Of course the claim is an hours notice but reality could be much longer. Photographs of the aftermath showed some damage to hangers, bunkers and buildings. There were a few aircraft destroyed and yet the runways were unscathed leaving the airbase operational. The Syrians claimed 7 military personnel were killed with no Russian or civilians dead or injured.
The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) used, carries a 1,000 lb warhead. Multiply that by 59 and of course you get 59,000 lbs. For comparison the MOAB dropped on the 13th of April in Afghanistan is a 18,700 lb bomb. If you haven’t seen a video of the explosive power of a MOAB I urge you to look it up. You may then understand my analysis on the US Tomahawk attack with close to 140% more firepower. The master of the political chess game President Trump has again outplayed his opponents. Despite the renewed calls for the ouster of Assad and a suspicion of a flip flop by President Trump you are barking up the wrong tree. 
The Tomahawk attack was an orchestrated ruse to setup the Globalists and their allies. The Russians played their part as they gave the appearance of being dismayed as to Trumps sudden reverse pivot. MSM dropped all reference to a Trump/ Russian alliance, those who had supported ISIS secretly came forward and outed themselves praising Trump’s action. Some have felt compelled to even suggest an open alliance with ISIS. President Trump also was able to attain first hand how the Chinese would react as he himself informed Xi Jinping in person. One of Trump’s greatest gifts is an ability to read a persons body language and facial expressions. He now knows America’s biggest true threats the Globalists and the Chinese and has the upper hand when dealing with them.


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