Globalist NSA Director Lt. General HR McMaster On Way Out

Pentagon sources have told Independent journalist Mike Cernovich that McMaster will take a promotion to 4 star general and be leaving his NSA position to become Army Vice Chief of staff. The active duty general has been on the outs with President Trump since he was found to have given the President altered intelligence over the false Syrian gas attack. He also has pushed for the invasion of Syria, larger presence in Afghanistan and on the Korean peninsula. McMaster also hired Major General Ricky Waddell as his deputy at the NSA without permission from the President. It is known that McMaster has been a source of anti-Steve Bannon articles to the MSM. 
McMaster who is linked to Globalist retired General Petraeus since his promotion to general was given to him by Petraeus and he served directly under him. General Waddell who also served under Petraeus is linked to the Globalist’s. McMaster’s hiring as NSA director caused a stir among many in the Trump base due to his known direct ties to Petraeus and the Globalists. The President’s first choice to replace retired General Flynn who was ousted in a Globalist soft coup over Russian contacts was Vice Admiral Robert Harward, retired Navy Seal and former deputy Commander of US Central Command. The Admiral declined the offer due to family and professional reasons. It has been reported that three others declined the position before the President settled on McMaster. 
President Trump would prefer a military man for the NSA position, however this had proven difficult as was seen with the McMaster hiring. The Globalist’s have infiltrated the Administration so heavily that he may find it almost impossible to find a true Nationalist to take the job. With MSM and the Globalist Establishment so willing to attack anyone that isn’t a Globalist sell out this will again prove a difficult proposition. 
As the Globalist’s and Nationalist’s continue to pull soft coup after soft coup while jockeying for position President Trump must continue to run his administration and stay the course. It has now become clear that there is a family problem within the President’s inner circle. Daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have proven to be a problem also. Ivanka has shown that she is in truth a Globalist Liberal and husband Kushner is now known to be linked to Globalist George Soros. The President is on the high wire without a net. What will happen in the coming days, weeks and months is up in the air. 

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