Plane Crash West Virginia Adds To Other Questions About What’s Happening There?


Yesterday was another suspicious news day in West Virginia. A plain crash just before 7am (6:55am) on May 5, 2017 at Yeager airport in Charleston West Virginia has stirred questions as to why a state of emergency was declared? The flight originated from Louisville at 5:35am and was scheduled to land at 6.22am. The time discrepancy is of yet unexplained as the small 330 twin engine turboprop cargo plane is said to have clipped a wing on the runway causing it to cartwheel off the runway killing the pilot and co-pilot. The plane was Air Cargo Express Inc. operated that is said to be a UPS subcontractor.
 The name doesn’t match any US carriers. There is a Seattle Air Cargo Express, Air Cargo Express from the UK and Express Air Cargo from Tunisia. As we say the name of this subcontractor could raise red flags. There is time discrepancy, no distress call from the pilot reported, the name of carrier question, a single report of an explosion being heard just before the crash along with a state of emergency being declared surrounding the airport. The WV National guard was called to the scene, not normal for plane crashes. There have been recent odd reports coming out of WV recently. This just adds another to the list.
Recent reports out of this state seem suspect as there appears to be a larger story than a simple plane crash here. I have been called a conspiracy theorist, insane, crazy, nuts and just plain stupid since my first venture into writing. I was deeply involved in the early days of the vaccine conspiracy with blogs, TV and a book I coauthored with Michael Sichel PhD in 2004, Mercury, Medicine and Politics. I was warned then by a friend Dr. Bernard Rimland. He was known as the father of modern day Autism research and he fully suspected vaccines as a contribution to the explosion of Autism in the late 1990’s early 2000’s. When writing my blogs and book I was in contact with many of the top researchers in the field. Dr. Rimland warned me to be careful because my research was into more than vaccines. I was heading into a much larger arena than just vaccines. 
The death threats and name calling increased and I decided that there was no more sense in continuing to expose the truth. I found most people dismissed what I was saying as it was not supported by MSM or the medical field. They had beaten and scared me off. I conformed and went full into the Globalist Zombie mindset. That lasted 7 years. I lost everything I owned, was on the street begging and realized that I couldn’t conform to the system or where it was taking us. I’m a fighter and refuse to just give in. I began to research again, I was cut off from MSM propaganda. I was a free thinker again. I can see through the curtain of lies most ignore. 
So here I am looking into what most look at as a plane crash, it happens so why worry? Because things don’t add up when you look past the simple explanations given. Biggest red flag of all is that the WV National Guard was called in to secure the crash site. You should be asking why? What or who was on this plane that would create this type of response? What recent events have been going on in WV? Anything out of the ordinary? 
There have been United Nations military vehicles spotted in WV, eastern Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina as recent as summer of 2016. There was the major flooding of 44 out of 55 counties in WV that same summer. Many in Charleston area forced to sell homes to government and unable to return after flood. Syrian Refugee rally held in Charleston WV in November of 2016. Muslims of America has known terrorist training camps within the United States. One has been identified close to Charleston WV. Cleveland shooter Steve Stephens was seen in New Cumberland WV gambling at the Mountaineer Casino just 35 miles from the US Department of the Army base in Brooke County. Known as the Facebook killer Stephens was also reported to have been seen on this military base. An obvious PSYOP the Cleveland shooting also was loaded with red flags. 
So, regardless of these recent events should this be a suspicious event at the Yeager airport? Well, of course as I have stated the WV National Gaurd being called in is an obvious way to close down the area. To hide something from the public. The real who, what and why is being concealed. By the way does anyone realize that John Davison (Jay) Rockefeller IV was Governor from 1977-84 then US Senator from 1985-2015. His Great Grandfathers are Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and John D. Rockefeller. Aldrich led the Gang of Five in the creation of the Federal Reserve. The Rockefeller family is one of the major family’s involved in the New World Order. When there is smoke there is fire. 


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