James Comey Hearing Exposes How Corrupt The Establishment Really Is

We wanted the swamp drained, however most never realized how deep it really is. This latest round of testimony by former FBI director James Comey proves it is worse than many could possibly realize. The Washington Establishment are nothing less than corrupt, backstabbing, liars who only worry about themselves and could care less about the republic its institutions or the people. James Comey is nothing but a criminal who abused his power and the entire FBI to further his own and others like him agendas in the destruction of the visions of our founding fathers. The Constitution that was written in order to limit the size and control of the Federal government has been ignored repeatedly as it is no longer considered viable to those who are sworn to uphold it. 
Comey showed how those in Washington DC play their games and willingly without hesitation break the law without worry of retribution or criminal indictment. They tie the system up with fraud and lies that only distract us from their criminal behaviors. How much longer are we going to sit quietly and say and do nothing about these evil people that believe they are above the law? The last time Comey testified he said nobody had ever attempted to interfere in any FBI investigation. It would have been “a big deal” he stated. Then suddenly now a little over a month later he claims that President Trump attempted to in the Michael Flynn case and then mentioned former AG Loretta Lynch’s statements on calling off the Hillary Clinton email case. 
With President Trump he did three things that should get him indicted. One, he turned over FBI documents to a third party to be leaked to the press. Two, he wrote these so-called memos on his personal computer. Three, he perjured himself repeatedly. And as with all who remain loyal to the criminal establishment Comey kept up the fraudulent claim that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and hacked the DNC and DCCC. The establishment line continues to be pushed despite zero evidence being produced. All diversions to the real crimes of the political assassination of Seth Rich and the high paid Pakistani congressional IT staffers known as the “Awan Brothers.”
Comey admitted that his reason in leaking his memo’s on his private conversations with President Trump was to force the Trump administration to hire a Special Counsel to investigate Russian interference (hoax). And as they do in Washington they hired former FBI director Robert Mueller who has a sparkling reputation. The establishment gives this man who covered up 9/11 nothing but praise. He’s one of them and can’t be trusted.
Never mind Hillary for prison, Benghazi, Private Server, Pay to Play, Clinton foundation fraud etc.. Never mind Obama and his treasonous actions along with being a war criminal by supporting the overthrow of several foreign governments. Never mind George W Bush creating the infrastructure for a police state through the Patriot Act along with covering up 9/11 and overthrowing foreign governments. Never mind Bill Clinton and his history of sexual assault and a multitude of scandals that began in Arkansas that continue to today. Never mind George HW Bush and his long history of overt and covert actions of creating a New World Oder. Let’s keep making the false claims that Russia interfered with the 2016 elections that even Comey admits didn’t change one vote. 
Comey like many who sit in Washington’s swamp of corruption and lies will walk away free to make millions as they all do. He is representative of the Establishment, Deep State, Globalist, New World Order that has one goal and that is to destroy the Republic of the United States of America. 


Deep State Going All In As Russian Fake News By MSM Imploding

Yesterdays claim in the Washington Post were shut down quickly by Secretary of State Tillerson  and McMaster NSA as they emphatically deny that the President gave Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Classified Intel. Both men were in attendance at the meeting that WaPo claimed their sources said that this supposed National Security breach happened. The fact that WaPo printed the details of what was said is being considered the real breach of National Security about the Russian/US war against ISIS. Both countries have been sharing Intel about ISIS for a couple years, and what was discussed was not out of the ordinary. This WaPo story is Fake News. 
This is just another in a long list of stories that the MSM has been printing or airing that have been found to be untrue. The Deep State continues to use MSM as their propaganda tool in trying to bring down President Trump. The President remains in the cross hair of the Globalist’s who have controlled Washington DC for decades. And the narrative that there was Russian/Trump collusion continues to fall as there has never been evidence to support this claim. The fact that the FBI is wasting manpower and resources on an imaginary link should disturb the American taxpayer. The real crimes and truth remain unsolved or even investigated. 
A breaking story overnight is drawing attention as the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich have had a private investigator looking into his murder. The DC Police had claimed this was a simple robbery gone bad. The FBI didn’t investigate as they accepted the DC Police’s findings. The PI Ron Wheeler a former DC homicide detective has told Fox News that there is evidence on Rich’s laptop that he WAS in contact with Wikileaks prior to his murder. Wheeler also states that his sources inside the DC Police and FBI have told him that they were told to stand down. The botched robbery claim would be the story upheld. 
This of course destroys the Fake News narrative that Russia hacked the DNC and then gave the information to Wikileaks who published it just days before Rich’s murder last year. This contact by Rich was through Gavin MacFadyen an investigative reporter and documentary film maker who died last October in London, UK. MacFadyen was a mentor of Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder. Assange has claimed all along that the Russians were not his source of the DNC materials. However the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign said it was Russia. Today Assange tweeted the Fox story on these new revelations about the Rich murder. Again another Russian story promoted by MSM and Deep State controlled politicians is found to be Fake News. Whoever President Trump picks as the new FBI director is sure to open up this investigation. 
A new rumor is being circulated in Washington that claims that President Trump suffers from Alzheimer’s. This is another attempt to discredit the President and an attempt to remove him from office. The truth of course is that he doesn’t have this disease, however if half of his Cabinet and Vice President Pence declare it to be true, under the 25th amendment of the Constitution he can be removed. If the President fights this move it then goes to Congress to decide. The Deep State and their Globalist masters are willing to do anything to stop the Trump agenda. If a new FBI director will open up all of the cases involving the crimes of those controlled by the Globalist’s, some of the biggest names in Washington past and present face charges that include; Treason, Espionage, Murder, Kidnapping, Theft and many more. 
The Deep States narratives and crimes are becoming known. This makes them even more dangerous than before. It’s time that the American people all wake up and see just who has been telling the truth to them and who has been lying. President Trump is not your enemy, it is those who have misled you for years. I enjoy being called crazy or a conspiracy theorist as the things I have written in the end are true. You who call me those things are just allowing yourselves to be controlled. There was no Russian collusion, the Seth Rich murder was a political assassination, the Globalist’s are in the process of enslaving your bodies and minds. The Federal Reserve is stealing from you, not in the middle of the night but in broad daylight as you hand them your money without questioning why. Wake up!!

Look For White House Spring Cleaning To Begin After President Trump Returns From Overseas Trip


With the Comey firing backlash still raging President Trump heads out on his first foreign trip. The First Lady Melania will accompany the President while he visits the centers of the three religions that are involved in Mid East turmoil. Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican. Aides have said that Trump will announce that he backs Palestinian self determination. Trump will attempt to build a consensus for Middle East peace as he views Radical Islamic terrorism as the enemy to all in the region and abroad. While at the Vatican Trump will make a visit to Italy then Brussels, Belgium the seat of the European Union and location of NATO headquarters on the 25th of May for a NATO summit later this month. 
One disturbing issue is that former President Barack Obama will be in Berlin, Germany visiting Angela Merkel while Trump is in Belgium. Obama, a private citizen who appears to be working for the Globalists as a private diplomat. This lends credence to the claim that Obama is working against Trumps agenda and brings further questions as to why Obama continues to work behind the scenes. Most former presidents ride quietly off into the sunset once they leave office. Obama took what was termed a vacation before he returned to what is obvious political duties. 
Meanwhile sources close to President Trump both inside and outside of the White House a reporting that a spring cleaning or shuffle is to begin of his inner circle advisors and possibly even some cabinet positions. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Press Secretary Sean Spicer are two that are being mentioned. NSA HR McMaster is another since he and the President do not see eye to eye on anything. There has been speculation that McMaster is pushing Bildiberg member retired Gen. Petreaus’s agenda and may even be sharing classified material with him. 
Others are upset about Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner and their Liberal ties. This might be a harder decision than others due to family ties. It should be noted however that Trump fired his own brother from the family business. The President is a business man first and foremost and therefore he won’t allow anyone too much leeway. As he did during the campaign, he will continue to do as President. If you can’t handle or fulfill your duties successfully he will replace you. 
As we all speculate as to who may find themselves out, be assured that in truth only one person really knows. The President is as he has said countless times ” not controlled by anyone ” and will do as he feels is the right thing at the right time. The recent White House visit by top American Globalist Bildiberg member Henry Kissinger drew questions and speculation as some claimed this proves that President Trump capitulated to the Globalists. This is not true as he needed Kissinger’s services to help deal with the Chinese. Politics makes for strange bedfellows at times and what is seen on the surface is not always what is happening behind the scenes. 

Liberals Refuse To Let Go Of Trump/Russian Collusion Distraction From Their Crimes


It has been 6 months since the election of 2016 and the Liberals, MSM and some establishment Republicans continue to beat a dead horse. Russia this, Russia that, Trump/Russia collusion, Russian interference in the election. Even claiming that the Russians put words in the mouth of then candidate Donald Trump. Apparently the Russians wanted Americans to elect a president that was pro 2nd Amendment, pro border security, pro rebuilding the military, pro jobs, pro economic growth, pro sovereignty and many other things that will strengthen the Republic of the United States. That makes total sense for a so-called enemy to do, doesn’t it? “No it doesn’t.” Only if you are nuts and want your enemy to strengthen itself. 
The James Comey firing at the FBI was not a ploy by the President to end a Russian Collusion investigation as many want you to believe. The acting director of the FBI Andrew McCabe told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the investigation will continue. This of course is a futile exercise as there was no collusion and to date, there has been no evidence what so ever to justify this sham. A total waste of taxpayer money on a politically motivated investigation and fake scandal. Devised by the Globalist Establishment to divert the many crimes of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and the Obama administration. Benghazi, Clinton’s private email server and the Pay to Play scheme used by Clinton while Secretary of State. The many frauds associated with the Clinton Foundation including it’s actions in Haiti. 
We also need to have the collusion between the Clinton Campaign and MSM investigated. The DNC robbing Bernie Sanders during the primaries, John Podesta the Clinton campaign managers ties to Russia, Hillary signing off on sale of 20% of US uranium assets to Russia, Saudi Arabia’s excessive donations to the Clinton Foundation and campaign. The Seth Rich murder investigation needs to be reopened as well as Huma Abedin sending classified materials to her husband to be printed? Why would Abedin send and State Department materials or documents, classified or not to her husband to print out? I could go on forever on Hillary and the DNC. 
The Obama administration has now been shown very willing and able to use the intelligence agencies to spy on friend and foe alike. They spied on the Trump campaign during and after the election. Unmasked thousands of private citizens including those associated with the Trump campaign and transition team. All admitted yet ignored by MSM and the Globalist Establishment politicians and bureaucrats that infest our government. The acting director of the FBI McCabe is one. He helped cover up the Clinton email crimes and his wife received almost 500,000 dollars from Common Good VA, a political action committee for her run as a state senator in Virginia. Democrat Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe a long time Clinton ally arranged the PAC’s donation to Dr. Jill McCabe who failed to win at the polls in 2016. 
McCabe recently attempted to give the impression that the rank and file of the FBI are whole hearted supporters of former director Comey. This of course is not true and an issue nobody should have brought up as the FBI employs 36,500 people and there is no way that they all were upset by the Comey firing. Anything and everything is being said and done to distract the American people from the real crimes. The Russian Collusion and interference in the 2016 election isn’t it. The Chinese, Globalist’s, George Soros and Saudi Arabia were all doing more than anything the Russians may have attempted. Even before the internet, spying and different types of covert operations have been done. From Corporate secrets to government it has all been a fact of life. The internet has become a major tool added in the 21st century. 
It is widely known that the US Globalist controlled government has and is the world’s largest and most active in interference and regime change since World War II. Guatamala, Iran, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Granada, Honduras, El Salvador, Chile, Afghanistan, Panama, Iraq, Libya, Nicaragua, to name a few. Most recent was ally Israel when the Obama administration attempted to oust the Netanyahu government. The Mubarak government in Egypt went down during the American sponsored Arab Spring. Ally or not, all fear US intervention and Globalist takeover. Many who lack historical fact are unaware that the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Czarist Russia was a Globalist Banker lead overthrow as was the NAZI takeover in Germany. Ignorance of these documented facts about Globalism and the truth has allowed all of this to happen plus much more.
The Russians lack the financial means to counter the Globalist Bankers. Vladimir Putin did wish for change in the US that can’t be denied. However he has the same enemies as the American 

people and European people. The Globalist Bankers and their Islamic terrorists armies of so-called refugees. Does Putin’s Russia have the ability to influence, interfere or alter the elections within the US, France, UK, Netherlands or Germany? “No!” Russia is nothing more than a distraction and false enemy for the American and European people to fear. The real enemies are those who control us, mislead us and are destroying us. The Globalist Bankers, Radical Islamist , Fascist, Communist and their Liberal Democracies they control. 
The rise of Donald Trump and Nationalism has broken the backs of Globalist control. We are a Republic not a Liberal Democracy. The word liberal is a new addition to democracy. By using the word liberal changes the entire meaning of the word. You must be classified as a liberal to participate. Therefore it is no longer a true democracy. Former President Obama used Liberal Democracy often. Many in congress use our democracy or liberal democracy. We are neither, again we are a Republic and there is a difference. A true Republic allows for all sides to participate and come to a consensus. Liberal, conservative, centrist, progressive all participate and using checks and balances share ideas and government to ensure equal participation and rule. 
The first President of the United States George Washington warned not to create political parties as the Republic would suffer. We see today what he feared. Two party’s controlled by one entity, Globalist Bankers. Many say “Zionist” however most know I avoid the term using Globalist instead. My last name is Moses however my family history that has been traced back to the 1600’s and Wales in the UK has no Jewish connection. Even if I were Jewish it wouldn’t mean I was a Zionist. The Zionist Globalist connection is very strong but I prefer Globalist in describing the enemy. As many non Jews are tied into this criminal antihuman cabal. 
President Trump is doing the best he can to drain the swamp. Some believe he is just another fraud to make those in the US believe he is on our side while he fulfills the Globalist plans on world domination and control. Comey as head of the FBI was in fact 100% Globalist controlled. Hillary Clinton and Obama can’t be held accountable unless the FBI does a true investigation without a Globalist puppet running them. This move as with all of the moves Trump has made was going to create a backlash. He gave Comey a chance to change alliance from International Globalism to Nationalism. Comey failed to right the ship at the FBI. “Fired”
The art of the deal is President Trump’s calling card. He listens intently to all sides before he makes a decision. Unlike what MSM and the Globalist wish you to believe. This President makes up his own mind. He has a plan and he will complete it. Jump on board or fall to the side. Don’t allow MSM to distract you. Pay attention to the tweets, pay attention to things like notifying the Russians before an attack, pay attention to calls for more troops on the Syrian Iraqi border. It didn’t happen. Remember the promises he made. Don’t be foolish and expect them to be completed in 100 days, 6 months, 9 months or overnight. However expect them by the time he has completed them. One step at a time, one deal at a time and one day at a time. 

Breaking: Was Comey Firing Linked to Refusal to Investigate Possible National Security Breach By McMaster?

 There might be a twofold purpose for the firing yesterday of FBI director Comey. Independent Journalist Mike Cernovich stated on Stefan Molynuex’s YouTube chanel last night that he has been given information as to the main reason that Comey was let go. NSA director HR McMaster is suspected of giving his former commander, retired General David Petraeus classified documents. Petraeus was found guilty of allowing his girlfriend/biographer access to classified documents despite her lack of clearance. Since he was found guilty Petraeus also no longer has the security clearance required to view the alleged documents and information McMaster is sharing with him. 
Comey is said to be aware of the situation yet refused to investigate. Sources have told Cernovich this is the real reason Comey was fired. On May 4th 2017 I wrote about a Cernovich claim that McMaster was on his way out at the NSA. At that time it was believed that McMaster who is still on active duty with the US Army was going to be promoted to Vice Chief of Staff of the Army. If this new Comey information is correct then McMaster may end up out at the NSA and out of the Army too. McMaster quickly lost favor with President Trump by giving him altered intelligence reports on the Syrian chemical weapons attack that caused the President to fire 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base as a warning to Assad. 
McMaster served under Petraeus and was promoted to General by Petraeus and remains loyal to him today. General Petraeus is a Globalist as is McMaster and Comey. They all share loyalties to the International Globalist Agenda. Their loyalty to the US and the Constitution has been questioned often. By removing Comey the way is clear to take those connected to the Globalist Establishment to task. Hillary Clinton and even former President Obama must be wondering what may happen to them. While director of the FBI Comey protected many in government from criminal prosecution. 
So the infighting continues between the Globalist Establishment and the Nationalist within the Trump administration. The Comey firing that was initiated by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may be the first in a series of changes to come. The President promised to drain the swamp. The firing of Swamp loyalist Comey allows the President to appoint someone who will do just that. 

Plane Crash West Virginia Adds To Other Questions About What’s Happening There?


Yesterday was another suspicious news day in West Virginia. A plain crash just before 7am (6:55am) on May 5, 2017 at Yeager airport in Charleston West Virginia has stirred questions as to why a state of emergency was declared? The flight originated from Louisville at 5:35am and was scheduled to land at 6.22am. The time discrepancy is of yet unexplained as the small 330 twin engine turboprop cargo plane is said to have clipped a wing on the runway causing it to cartwheel off the runway killing the pilot and co-pilot. The plane was Air Cargo Express Inc. operated that is said to be a UPS subcontractor.
 The name doesn’t match any US carriers. There is a Seattle Air Cargo Express, Air Cargo Express from the UK and Express Air Cargo from Tunisia. As we say the name of this subcontractor could raise red flags. There is time discrepancy, no distress call from the pilot reported, the name of carrier question, a single report of an explosion being heard just before the crash along with a state of emergency being declared surrounding the airport. The WV National guard was called to the scene, not normal for plane crashes. There have been recent odd reports coming out of WV recently. This just adds another to the list.
Recent reports out of this state seem suspect as there appears to be a larger story than a simple plane crash here. I have been called a conspiracy theorist, insane, crazy, nuts and just plain stupid since my first venture into writing. I was deeply involved in the early days of the vaccine conspiracy with blogs, TV and a book I coauthored with Michael Sichel PhD in 2004, Mercury, Medicine and Politics. I was warned then by a friend Dr. Bernard Rimland. He was known as the father of modern day Autism research and he fully suspected vaccines as a contribution to the explosion of Autism in the late 1990’s early 2000’s. When writing my blogs and book I was in contact with many of the top researchers in the field. Dr. Rimland warned me to be careful because my research was into more than vaccines. I was heading into a much larger arena than just vaccines. 
The death threats and name calling increased and I decided that there was no more sense in continuing to expose the truth. I found most people dismissed what I was saying as it was not supported by MSM or the medical field. They had beaten and scared me off. I conformed and went full into the Globalist Zombie mindset. That lasted 7 years. I lost everything I owned, was on the street begging and realized that I couldn’t conform to the system or where it was taking us. I’m a fighter and refuse to just give in. I began to research again, I was cut off from MSM propaganda. I was a free thinker again. I can see through the curtain of lies most ignore. 
So here I am looking into what most look at as a plane crash, it happens so why worry? Because things don’t add up when you look past the simple explanations given. Biggest red flag of all is that the WV National Guard was called in to secure the crash site. You should be asking why? What or who was on this plane that would create this type of response? What recent events have been going on in WV? Anything out of the ordinary? 
There have been United Nations military vehicles spotted in WV, eastern Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina as recent as summer of 2016. There was the major flooding of 44 out of 55 counties in WV that same summer. Many in Charleston area forced to sell homes to government and unable to return after flood. Syrian Refugee rally held in Charleston WV in November of 2016. Muslims of America has known terrorist training camps within the United States. One has been identified close to Charleston WV. Cleveland shooter Steve Stephens was seen in New Cumberland WV gambling at the Mountaineer Casino just 35 miles from the US Department of the Army base in Brooke County. Known as the Facebook killer Stephens was also reported to have been seen on this military base. An obvious PSYOP the Cleveland shooting also was loaded with red flags. 
So, regardless of these recent events should this be a suspicious event at the Yeager airport? Well, of course as I have stated the WV National Gaurd being called in is an obvious way to close down the area. To hide something from the public. The real who, what and why is being concealed. By the way does anyone realize that John Davison (Jay) Rockefeller IV was Governor from 1977-84 then US Senator from 1985-2015. His Great Grandfathers are Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and John D. Rockefeller. Aldrich led the Gang of Five in the creation of the Federal Reserve. The Rockefeller family is one of the major family’s involved in the New World Order. When there is smoke there is fire. 

The Federal Reserve Act Of 1913 The Day The United States Was Given To The Globalist Bankers


On December 23, 1913 President Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act, in reality the president handed our sovereignty as free people to those we know today as the Globalists. There is a famous quote attributed to Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild ” Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” that he did not say, though this saying fits perfectly in truth. The Federal Reserve Act was not born in the halls of congress. It was a plot devised by then Senator Nelson W. Aldrich who chaired the US Senate Finance Committee and whose daughter Abby was married to John D. Rockefeller Jr. Aldrich’s son Winthrop became president of Chase National Bank. Grandson Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller served as Governor of New York and Vice President under Gerald Ford. Great grandson John D. Rockefeller IV is a long serving US Senator from West Virginia.
Others who attended what was called a duck hunting trip on Jekyll Island, Georgia for 10 days in November of 1910 A. Piatt Andrew the son of a banker who held a PhD from Harvard and former director of the US Mint was appointed by then President Taft as assistant secretary of the Treasury Department. Frank Vanderlip who was formally assistant secretary of Treasury himself and at the time of this meeting he was President of the National City Bank, known today as Citi Bank. Paul Warburg a German citizen at the time of this meeting( he would attain US citizenship the following year, 1911). Warburg was also director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) from 1921-32. Warburg was a member of the German banking Warburg family. Henry Davison a partner at JP Morgan and close associate of Aldrich was the final player in the big banking takeover of the US. 
These five men (The Gang of Five) who were directly or indirectly members of Americas Elite class, Warburg was both American and European Elite. Aldrich and Davison had gone to Europe prior to the Jekyll Island meeting to meet with European Bankers and Central Bankers, namely the Rothschilds. After these meetings the plans were in hand, however this plan was going to be a hard sell in congress. It took 3 years for Aldrich and others in congress to get the Federal Reserve Act onto President Woodrow Wilson’s desk to be signed into law. It has been said that President Wilson regretted his involvement in signing this Act. He was well aware of what it really was and what it meant to America’s future. The Global Elite would forever be in control of not only Europe but the United States as well. 
Aldrich and his gang of five sold the creation of a privately controlled central banking system as a way to avoid another financial crisis like the Panic of 1907. A year when the Stock Market fell 50% and caused a run on banks that could not cover their deposits. Many banks went into bankruptcy. JP Morgan got together with other large Bankers and devised a plan to end the panic by using their own wealth to shore up the difference between what the deposit ledgers said and what was actually in the banks possession. (I am purposely avoiding banking terminology so that I can explain this better.)
Banking is in all sense of the word a scam. Devised by the rich to take your money. Basically you give your money to the bank, they in turn loan your money to those they deem the most able to pay it back with interest. These are generally those who don’t need the money in reality. Our system today is built on debt. The banks are involved in almost every transaction you make. Those credit cards and debit cards you use today are only ways of the banks to become involved in every purchase you make. Your groceries, gas for your car? If you used that convenient piece of plastic, the bank made a percentage on the sale that varies between 2.5% to 8.5%. You buy a house? Well you will pay the bank around 250-300% more than the price was as the interest over 20-30 years. A car, refrigerator or that trip to Disney World, all profited by the banker. 
Once created the Federal Reserve or Fed took over the banking regulatory duties from the US government. Basically a private business that regulates itself. The fed has never been audited in its 104 year history. It controls the economy by interest rate adjustments of lowering the cost of loans to stimulate and raising the interest rates in order to slow the economy. Various situations influence national economies, from the mid 1700’s to about 1860’s agriculture was 2nd only to war. With the Industrial Revolution came different and more complex banking. GDP and employment were factored in. Recessions were always in play as any one miss step man made or otherwise could cause panic and restrict the availability of money. Aldrich and his gang of five had claimed that by creating a privately owned and operated central bank (Fed) these impacts could be better handled. 
The Great Depression of 1929-39 cause has been debated since it happened. The Stock Market crashed as investors suddenly began a sell off of their assets. Production fell and unemployment rose into the millions. Smaller banks were again forced out of business as they ran out of money. The Fed tightened the availability of money and in many ways stood down as the country and world came to a standstill. Many today mistakenly believe that FDR brought us out of this depression with the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act of 1933 that created the Works Progress Administration (WPA) one of many such programs where the government not private industry borrowed from the Fed. The Social Security Act of 1935 was another government program devised to create a trust fund for old age and disabled Americans. This money collected from employee and employer equally is held by the private Fed bankers. Remember the Fed has never been audited.
Once war broke out in Europe and Asia the central banks of Europe and our Fed loaned massive amounts of money to all sides of the conflict. Something banks have done since they began. War is the most profitable way that banks can make money. Economies grow quickly as war materials are sought. From resources to boots industrial production grows. The Bankers become the most powerful men and women throughout the capitals of the world. In essence they already are under the Centralized Banking System. The Great Depression ended due to World War II, not because of government intervention in the economy. Every aspect of life is controlled by Bankers and these are the true rulers behind the curtain. They are the Wizards of OZ manipulating every move that governments make.
Centralized banking as with the creation of our Fed has been linked worldwide since its beginning as these Bankers would communicate often and attempt to make decisions together. The creation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in July of 1944 was when Bankers began the process of uniting formally as one coherent entity. The goal of course is a One World Banking System controlled by these private bankers who have control of the worlds economy. It is not too difficult to figure out the ultimate goal here. One Banking System, One Economy, One Currency, One World Globalist Government. Or the New World Order.
All paths lead back to Germany and the Jewish Bankers of the Rothschild’s family. It would take a book to explain the connections between the Elites of Europe and those within America. Most all run back through marriage or business partnerships to the Rothschilds and other European Elite. Many Jewish people in Europe changed their names so as to go undetected as throughout history the Jews of Europe were targeted. Paul Warburg one of Aldrich’s gang of five was of Germanic Jewish decent. Otto Warburg was President of the World Zionist Organisation from 1911-1921. The Rothschild’s have control or influence over almost every Central Bank world wide. The Bank of England is the Rothschild’s main bank and where the worlds economy is run from. Despite the belief that governments run nations it is the Bankers and Industrialists that really rule. 
When you realize that Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan did not have Central Private Banks you may understand the real reason they were targeted. Only three countries today do not have privately held central banks. North Korea, Iran and Cuba. All three are targeted for overthrow of their regimes either today or in the near future. Two are Communist Dictatorships and Iran is an Islamic Republic but Shiite Muslim not Sunni who dominate the Muslim religion. Once you understand that the Fed runs the United States and not the government you will realize that you are nothing more than slaves.   Your money isn’t even real its not with the paper its printed on. The plastic RFID chipped plastic cards are just their way of making you believe in their fairy tale about the Land of Oz.