Seth Rich Murder Wikileaks Why No Answers Russian Hacking Hoax A Distraction Of The Real Crimes

What began as Democrats blaming the Russians for hacking their National Committee computers and giving Wikileaks the evidence of massive corruption. Has now unequivocally been proven a lie. The Rich family Private Investigator has come forward with the evidence that it was an inside job by Seth. And that both the DC police and FBI have known all along that it wasn’t the Russians and they both allowed MSM, the Clinton campaign and DNC to falsely point to Russia. Even spinning this to somehow prove collusion with the Trump campaign. 
Why doesn’t any of the Democrats care that by doing so they have hindered the murder investigation of one of their own? Why is the Rich family, through their spokesman Brad Bauman claiming this recent development is a conspiracy theory perpetrated by Rod Wheeler their own Private Investigator? Who are these two men that are both working for the Rich family yet paid by third parties have such differing statements. One interesting fact to begin with is that the Rich family didn’t have the finances to hire a spokesperson let alone a private investigator. Especially two high profile ones like Wheeler and Bauman. 
Let’s start with Brad Bauman the family spokesman. He is what is referred to as a spin doctor, he is a professional Democratic Crisis Public Relations consultant for the Pastorum Group. This Group cofounded by Bauman claims to be experts in political strategies and the election process. Any one for screaming Red Flags on why the family of a murder victim would hire a political crisis management company? Especially one with such close ties to the Democratic party? Who is paying the massive fees for these services? 
With Rod Wheeler the PI you have a former Metropolitan Police Department (Washington DC) homicide detective and Fox News contributor. Wheeler first told Fox News 5 that he had two sources, one a DC detective the other a federal investigator. He did recant the later saying that his investigation leads him to speculate that evidence on Rich’s laptop would connect Rich to Wikileaks. Of course this is his conjecture not definitive. As with all news out of Washington when you have unnamed sources there needs to be caution. I as others may have jumped the gun, however this murder and its timing has got to make you wonder. 
Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder who nobody can deny has only released 100% accurate material on his website, has said that he will not give up his sources names whether alive or dead. Assange has stated that the source of the DNC emails was NOT a state actor. There is no Russian connection. When asked about Seth Rich Assange says that Wikileaks does not divulge sources and that Rich’s death is the reason. He then offered a $20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Rich’s killer(s). He also retweeted the original Fox News 5 story on his Twitter page. Connect the dots and you have only one conclusion. 
Seth Rich was in contact with Gavin MacFadyen the investigative journalist/ Wikileaks London based director at the time. By Assange’s statements and retweeting the Wheeler/Fox News 5 story he can only be saying one thing. Seth Rich was a source of DNC emails that revealed massive corruption and crimes. He did have contact with MacFadyen and the evidence would be on Rich’s laptop or other device. And since we know for a fact that the NSA collects all emails, texts and phone conversations in the US and most of the world. Someone could have accessed everyone who worked for the DNC’s communications. 
The last few hours of Rich’s life are accounted for and confirmed until 1:45 am that fateful morning. The Daily Mail UK had done the story of the timeline that morning that despite almost a year past is still all that we know. What we know; those who knew him fairly well said that Rich and his girlfriend were having problems, he frequented a local bar and those who worked there told the Mail that Rich was depressed and highly intoxicated the night he died. He was offered a ride home by an employee but declined. Rich said he was heading to another bar and left on foot at 1:45am. The staff at the bar Rich said he was headed to say they do not remember seeing him that night. He was not a regular and when shown a photo they didn’t remember him. This bar was one mile from Seth’s home. A 30 minute walk. This bar closed that morning at 2:30am yet there is no evidence he ever went there that night according to the Daily Mail timeline. 
The DC police responded to shots fired at 4:19am and found Rich with bruising on his knees, arms, and face with two gunshot wounds to the back. Depending on if Rich stopped at the 2nd bar or not there is a time gap of an hour and a half to 2 hours that remain unaccounted for. Original reports state that Rich was on his cell phone with his girlfriend when she over heard Rich acknowledge someone, he then told her he would call her later. This leads to speculation that Rich knew the parson or persons that approached him on the street in the wee hours of the morning. There is also reports that Rich was conscious when he was first seen by police. Rich was pronounced dead at the hospital at 5:25am. 
Other things that are known is that there are many security cameras that could provide crucial evidence that seem to not have been reviewed. There is also a technology called ShotSpotter that alerts the DC police to gunshots being fired. These sensors can identify type of gun and even distance from sensor. Yet none of this evidence has been made public which is highly suspect in such a high profile case. What is being hidden? What are on those surveillance cameras? What type of gun was used? What did Rich tell his girlfriend or the responding officers? And most importantly where was Rich during that gap in time between his confirmed whereabouts? 
Seth Rich is described as a highly patriotic young man who was a supporter of Bernie Sanders. He believed in the democratic process and was a firm believer that all votes must count. He went to Washington to help make sure that the country he loved would excel in every sense. He may not of understood that politics is a game that is much more corrupt than he ever expected. There is a very dark side to politics that most are unaware of. Backroom deals, favors, payoffs and sadly blackmail are the normal. His lack of understanding the true nature of American politics may have been his downfall. 
When you begin to connect the dots of the Rich murder and the DNC hacking there is a very high degree of circumstantial evidence that Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source and not the Russian narrative being pushed to nauseam by MSM and Establishment politicians. The fact is that the statements and actions by Julian Assange on the Seth Rich murder and that he emphatically denies a Russian government source leads in one direction. Seth Rich was the source and he most likely died because of it. 
There has been zero evidence put forward, circumstantial or otherwise that Russia was involved. Yet, MSM and the Democrats plus some establishment Republicans continue to make statements as if there is even a a tiny piece of evidence. All are guilty of misleading the American public and causing unnecessary discussions and investigations into the Russia did it hoax. What congress and the Justice Department along with the FBI need to be investigating is the corruption revealed in the DNC materials. There is the real crime that nobody talks about or seems to care about. The DC police need to be investigated as to why they have failed to be more forthcoming with the Seth Rich botched robbery story. His position as a DNC staffer with access to the very emails that were hacked and who was murdered just days before their release by Wikileaks demands answers. 


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The Left, Clinton, Obama, Terror, Riots, Disrespect, War, Silence, Crime, Lies

Trump Presidential And Truthful, Clinton Lied With Every Breath, Holt Played Shill

First debate goes to Trump as Clinton can’t stop lying to save her life. Lester Holt played the Shill as he too left the truth at the door. Fact check the Establishment as they even create lies to represent facts. Despite 6 days of bed rest that Clinton called learning to become president she still appeared tired but that was due to anti-seizure medication. She and Holt continued the lie that the birther issue was a Trump claim, they both lied again claiming Trump supported the war in Iraq. 
Trump pulled some punches as he is keeping in tune with holding off on the knock out, until closer to election day if needed. The sheep who follow mindlessly the lies of Clinton were probably ecstatic that she remained on her feet. The battle will continue and we will have to endure the continuous lies of the Globalist puppets led by Clinton and her propagandist MSM for a while longer. In the end the truth shall prevail, we who know this truth need only to wait for the cards to fall. 

Charlotte NC, Mall Shooting WA, 9/11 Bill Vetoed, FBI Data Dump, Ok Officer Charged

Where to start? I assume the busy Friday September 23 2016 evening leading into night made for a busy time in news rooms at the major news outlets. First, word came that as expected President Obama vetoed the recently passed bill in the House and Senate that would have allowed the families of the 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. Yes the 28 pages showed the Saudi connection to 9/11, but the Presidents ties to the Saudis along with the CIA ties wouldn’t allow Obama to let these cases to go to court. There is many more involved and the Saudi’s were just one part of it. There is one thing that Obama prevented and that would be the entire conspiracy to be revealed possibly. 9/11 involved many more players from other countries intelligence agencies to members of our own government and MSM who sold the story. It was a massive undertaking to pull off such a large false flag operation by the Globalist. 
Also on Friday the FBI released 189 more pages on the never ending Hillary Clinton email scandal, and what was revealed here is exactly the reason Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI director Comey didn’t pursue charges against Clinton. To do so would have opened the door to many more being indicted including Obama. The President knowingly communicated with his Secretary of State using a pseudonym via her unsecured servers. The fact is that Clinton used these servers exclusively when not at her State Department offices. She also communicated with the CIA and others in the administration and they all were aware these were on a private server and unsecured. Again as with the 9/11 veto many more involved than is known and too risky and revealing to allow this to go into a court room. Basically showing the corruption throughout the entire top tiers of the federal government. Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one who believes she’s above the law, they all do and for years have been. 
Now after a night watching the protest that involves 70% of people who don’t even live in Charlotte NC, over the shooting of an armed Black man by a Black police officer. We know that the George Soros funded Black Supremicist Black Lives Matter group is there stoking the flames. It was a quiet night compared to previous nights as no injuries or crimes were reported. The police as of yet have not released the dash cam footage or officers body can footage. This isn’t helping the situation here at all. The shooting victims wife did make a video she made public and it only brings more questions to light as you here her saying “he has no gun” then she keeps telling her husband “don’t dot it Ki don’t you do it Ki”. Just before shots are heard she turns the video source away. Some believe this looks staged as there is too many questions still unanswered.
As the protest was winding up in Charlotte NC, news came that an active shooting was taking place in Burlington Washington just north of Seattle. A man had walked into a Macy’s department store located in the Cascade Mall with a rifle and began shooting killing 3 females injuring another and a male,  who later died also. As the night progressed the stories began to conflict as the suspect eluded capture and the death toll isn’t clear. The police released a still shot of a man who appears to be in his late teens or early 20’s with dark hair clean shaven. The have immediately claimed him to be Hispanic yet the video isn’t conclusive. Reports are that he is armed with a rifle and dangerous. B Rich from the Underground World News reports that police scanners said that the weapon was found outside of the mall by AMC Theatres, yet the local news is told the suspect still has the weapon. Another report over police scanners claimed a woman had called from her bathroom saying someone had entered her home through her backdoor at here nearby residence, however despite the initial report nothing more has been mentioned over the scanners. This story seems full of inconsistent and confusing statements as what the UWN reporter heard over the police scanners isn’t matching what police are telling the public. As of now this story is still unfolding. 
The officer who in what appears to be a flat out assassination of a Black man who was hard of hearing and blind in one eye in Oklahoma has been charged with Manslaughter in the 1st degree. Officer Betty Shelby (white) appears to have snapped due to the fact that her victim Terence Crutcher (black) unarmed and only walking away with his hands up failed to follow verbal commands. These types of shootings of people who are deaf are not uncommon. The question is how by not following verbal commands with hands up is that threatening to the life of an officer? This shooting has gone without violent protests and little attention by BLM despite being a white officer and black Vitim who was unarmed. Contrast this to the Charlotte NC shooting by a black officer of a black armed man that exploded and resulted in two more deaths and destruction of property. 
We are a mess as a society and the truth is harder to find as MSM, government, outside agitators like Black Lives Matter who support and promote violence upon police and white citizens, despite taking their funding from an international terrorist supporting white ultra rich man named George Soros only adds to the confusion we experience. Do you know the answers? Maybe it’s time to find out as things have gone out of control and will only get worse.