Enough With These Russian Stories Comey Was Inept Or Co-Conspirator In Many Crimes?

Let’s begin with the word collusion itself.

secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
“the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers”
synonyms:conspiracy, connivance, complicity, intrigue, plotting, secret understanding, collaboration, scheming
“there had been collusion between the security forces and paramilitary groups”
illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.
There has been zero evidence found linking President Trump or any of his surrogates with collusion to cheat the American voter with Russian help during the election. There hasn’t even been proof that the Russian’s hacked the Democratic National Committee or the Clinton campaign. Don’t think that if there were it wouldn’t have been presented by now. 
What has been proven is Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State knowingly and willingly used a private server that she was expressly told not to do by former Secretary of State Colin Powell. She also sent and received classified documents on this server. Huma Abedin her assistant then transfered these documents via her yahoo account to husband Anthony Weiner. I’m sure this again was not over a secured server. Clinton also allowed her lawyers to go through her emails that contained classified materials as they determined which emails would be relevant to the congressional investigation. We now have many people who lack security clearances with access to classified materials. Comey claims no intent. The only intent was that he would clear Clinton of any crime.
Then we have Clinton lying repeatedly about sending or receiving classified materials, having her email server wiped clean, supposedly losing several devices used or breaking with hammers. Her husband talking to AG Loretta Lynch just days before Comey cleared her. We have the Benghazi failed investigation on top of this. Never mind the pay to play scheme used while Clinton was Secretary of State. The emails proving that then President Obama sent emails to and received emails from Clinton on this server. The list of crimes here is immense and all went under the rug and out of the MSM narrative.
Don’t ask why that happened, it later was found through John Podesta’s Clinton’s campaign managers emails that there was collusion between the Clinton campaign and many members of MSM. And let’s not forget the stolen primary with the collusion of the DNC and Clinton campaign. Have we forgotten Bernie Sanders? No, MSM just doesn’t report on it. This might be due to the collusion between the Clinton campaign and MSM. Why did the DNC refuse the FBI access to its computers if the claim is the Russians hacked them? There was one person who had access to these computers and their files. Remember the young DNC staffer Seth Rich who was murdered and known to be upset about the steal from Bernie Sanders. This investigation went quickly by the DC police claiming a robbery gone bad. Lots of investigators with crystal balls apparently. Comey knows someone’s intent and the DC Police are sure the assassination style murder of Rich was an attempted robbery. 
Under Obama we had the fast and furious gun running scandal, the Iran hostages for cash scandal, the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae slash Obamacare scandal, Benghazi, wiretapping German Chancellor Merkel’s cell phone, the Arab Spring, Arming and training of ISIS, the claim of killing Bin Laden then deaths of those involved. Wiretapping and unmasking of members of the Trump transition team and possibly Trump himself. Confirmed by MSM. And the sale of 20% of the US Uranium assets to, wait for it “Russia”. Clinton signed off on this and then her husband made money giving speeches in, wait for it ” Russia”. Let’s not forget the Podesta Russian links. 
There are many more criminal behaviours I am leaving out but you can plainly see the problem here. You can’t have the criminals investigating their friends, associates or bosses. Otherwise the crimes go away quickly. MSM and others are using the fake Trump/Russian Collusion story as a distraction for the real crimes against the American people. Its time that we fix this now! 


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Trump Presidential And Truthful, Clinton Lied With Every Breath, Holt Played Shill

First debate goes to Trump as Clinton can’t stop lying to save her life. Lester Holt played the Shill as he too left the truth at the door. Fact check the Establishment as they even create lies to represent facts. Despite 6 days of bed rest that Clinton called learning to become president she still appeared tired but that was due to anti-seizure medication. She and Holt continued the lie that the birther issue was a Trump claim, they both lied again claiming Trump supported the war in Iraq. 
Trump pulled some punches as he is keeping in tune with holding off on the knock out, until closer to election day if needed. The sheep who follow mindlessly the lies of Clinton were probably ecstatic that she remained on her feet. The battle will continue and we will have to endure the continuous lies of the Globalist puppets led by Clinton and her propagandist MSM for a while longer. In the end the truth shall prevail, we who know this truth need only to wait for the cards to fall. 

Bringing Terrorism To America Is A Treasonous Act


 1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.

2. a  violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.

3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
A knife wielding Muslim  on  a rampage in a Minnesota mall, Garbage can blows up in New Jersey, One bomb detonates in a dumpster in New York City as another is removed without incident. Now who is without a doubt to blame for these terrorist acts? ISIS celebrated the incidents and in Minnesota the word Allah came out, do we blame Allah? Do we blame ISIS? Or just chalk it up to lone nuts with nothing better to do? I personally would have loved to see what Obamas immediate reaction was. Did he laugh and joke as he did when he spoke of the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia earlier this year? Apparently he found that death funny, I guess you had to be there to get the joke. So what was Obamas first reaction when he was told about the three incidents yesterday? My bet is on a clichéd fist with a smile as he said “yes!”. 
The Obama administration has done everything in its power to destroy every part of this country and they have belittled the American people abroad. Unlike Hillary Clinton who only said “half” of the American people are “deplorable”, Obama said all “Americans are lazy”. The Obama/Clinton foreign policy has the world on the brink of WWIII, Europe is coming close to civil war in Sweden, France, Germany and other places that gladly allowed Muslims into their countries since Obama/Clinton had destabilized parts of Africa and the Middle East. And now Obama is doing it here in the US. His open border policy and flying in Muslims from those areas he continues to destabilize is the same powder keg we see in Europe. Muslims demanding that we change to their sick demonic ways of Sharia Law. 
MSM supports this sick and twisted policy of destroying our culture by violence. Yesterday as the New York bombing was first announced, MSM attacked Donald Trump for calling it a bombing as they said nobody had called it that yet. A little word for you propagandist punks who don’t think for yourselves and do your jobs as you should. Does the name Rudy Guliani mean anything to you? Isn’t he campaigning with Mr. Trump? Wasn’t he the mayor of New York and very well connected to those in the fire department and police department? Could he have gotten word before you had and relayed it to Trump? Think about that before you attack Trump just because he told you what it was before your CIA handlers told you. Every thing is beginning to fall apart as MSM is quickly folding as they are being proven non journalist who need to sit and wait until they are told what to say or report. 
The fact is by willfully and knowingly bringing in and allowing people who wish to destroy our laws and commit violence and murder is Treason. Just as Hillary has done while acting as Secretary of State with her emails and servers. True Americans, those that believe in our Constitution know what you puppets for the mentally deranged Globalist are up to. You think you can ignore that document and just do as you and your masters wish. Sorry, but you can’t and the American people of all races and religions are done standing by and watching you destroy us and our country.