Trump Restores US To #1 Superpower Status In Less Than 100 Day’s

Many may dislike this resumption of being the worlds only legitimate superpower. However, it does reverse a trend that was the main cause of turmoil on the world stage. The world has changed greatly since the end of World War II as we had the Soviet Union and the US sharing this title up to the collapse of the USSR. While the Soviet block quickly fell apart and left Russian influence in the world to a much smaller sphere. The Europeans through its Globalist Corporate controlled European Union (EU)  filled the void in Europe left by Russian withdrawal.
 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that was created in 1949 to counter the Soviet led Warsaw Pact is today controlled by the EU. The US and Canada being the only non European members remain. The US is still the major financier of this organization despite having little voice in its direction and operations. Many can argue that once the Soviet threat was eliminated, the US didn’t need to remain a member. However the access to European military bases would most likely have been removed. Of course we have to realize that the Globalists had gained full control of not only Europe but the US government as well. 
The US being the wealthiest and holders of the worlds most powerful military were going to play the police of the world as the Globalist began in earnest to solidify global control. During the 1950’s thru the 1980’s the US was fighting the Russians by proxy in wars and covert actions in what was labeled the “Chess Game”. Throughout the world this political chess game was played out in third world nations. The people of the world were used as pawns as the Kings never directly went against each other. The main reason the Superpowers avoided a direct confrontation was mutual nuclear annihilation. 
The Globalist’s had planned to bring the Chinese under it’s influence once the Sino-Soviet split began in the early 1960’s. The worlds two largest Communist nations could not reconcile their political and ideological differences. In July of 1971 US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (one of today’s most powerful Globalist leaders) met in Beijing secretly. This was the beginning of China’s entrance into the Globalist world of influence. This was the birth of the worlds third Superpower. 
The Chinese opened it borders to US corporations who were seeking low labor costs (slave labor) and production costs. The Chinese have little regulation, low corporate taxes and a huge consumer base that translates to gigantic profits for anyone moving production there. The government also literally stole technology that helped it build a formidable military. While the Globalists of Europe and the US were busy on fulfilling their New World Order plans at home. They were also creating chaos in the Muslim world to implement the immigration crisis. China made economic and political moves that quickly transformed it into a world power. 
The Chinese and Globalists had an agreement that they were welcome to become economic partners within the Globalist community. One important note here is that once the completion of the New World Order One World Government was attained. It would mirror the Chinese style of government. The European model of uniting many nations and cultures into one, was to continue in the same manner throughout the world as the European Union was. Control was to be with the European Elites and American. Something went wrong as was seen over the last decade. 
During President Obama’s last visit to China there was a noticeable disregard of respect towards the US President. The leader of the supposed worlds only Superpower was forced to exit the rear of his plane and the President of China Xi Jinping was nowhere to be seen. This was China telling the Globalists that they were now the ones to lead. This is a key situation on the truth about the weakening of the Globalist’s plans. Brexit, the rise of Nationalism and Trumps victory in the US elections are the others. The Globalist’s are in truth losing control. 
As within any group there will be differences of opinion and internal wrangling for power. The death of David Rockefeller has created a vacuum at the top of the World’s Globalist order. Age and ideological differences are playing out as the Globalist’s attempt to maintain control. President Trump is now playing out a chess match within Washington DC between the different sides within our own American Globalists and those in Europe and throughout the world. 
Is President Trump a Globalist? Only he knows for certain, but his policies don’t reflect those of the Globalists of the US or Europe. Many can ask then why has he allowed known Globalists within his inner circle? One reason is that there just aren’t many Nationalist around capable of being placed in positions of power. The Globalists have run our country for so long that the chance of being a Nationalist and working within government were nonexistent. This left little to few choices for Trump to find like minded people. We only have to note the living Hell that Trump himself has had to deal with for his beliefs to understand why his choices are so limited. 
The one thing that can not be denied is that President Trump has made it clear that the US is again the the worlds #1 Superpower. He has regained the respect for this fact from China by having Chinese President Xi come to the US within the first 100 days. So far it looks as if President Trump and Xi realize that they must work together to ensure their mutual interests can be protected. Their talks were much more than the North Korean problem. Trade and the changing worlds political landscape were also discussed. Only China can threaten American economic and military dominance as Russia may have massive nuclear capabilities it lacks any economic threat. The EU has economic might however militarily it lacks the ability to dominate. Of course after Brexit the future of the EU is in question. 
The “Make America Great Again” slogan is coming true. There are many hurdles to clear, however there seems to be some positive changes. We must realize that this won’t be easy and that there will be many stumbling blocks. As long as we retain the right to vote it is up to us to eliminate the Globalist politicians that have destroyed our country. It is up to us to voice our displeasure with policies we don’t agree with. It is up to us to become educated as to the truth and stop listening to Globalist propaganda. The truth is that you get the government you deserve, isn’t it time we deserve  better?


From ANTIFA To Government Employee The Swamp Is Much Deeper Than Thought

From ANTIFA To Government Employee The Swamp Is Much Deeper Than Thought