The Federal Reserve Act Of 1913 The Day The United States Was Given To The Globalist Bankers


On December 23, 1913 President Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act, in reality the president handed our sovereignty as free people to those we know today as the Globalists. There is a famous quote attributed to Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild ” Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” that he did not say, though this saying fits perfectly in truth. The Federal Reserve Act was not born in the halls of congress. It was a plot devised by then Senator Nelson W. Aldrich who chaired the US Senate Finance Committee and whose daughter Abby was married to John D. Rockefeller Jr. Aldrich’s son Winthrop became president of Chase National Bank. Grandson Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller served as Governor of New York and Vice President under Gerald Ford. Great grandson John D. Rockefeller IV is a long serving US Senator from West Virginia.
Others who attended what was called a duck hunting trip on Jekyll Island, Georgia for 10 days in November of 1910 A. Piatt Andrew the son of a banker who held a PhD from Harvard and former director of the US Mint was appointed by then President Taft as assistant secretary of the Treasury Department. Frank Vanderlip who was formally assistant secretary of Treasury himself and at the time of this meeting he was President of the National City Bank, known today as Citi Bank. Paul Warburg a German citizen at the time of this meeting( he would attain US citizenship the following year, 1911). Warburg was also director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) from 1921-32. Warburg was a member of the German banking Warburg family. Henry Davison a partner at JP Morgan and close associate of Aldrich was the final player in the big banking takeover of the US. 
These five men (The Gang of Five) who were directly or indirectly members of Americas Elite class, Warburg was both American and European Elite. Aldrich and Davison had gone to Europe prior to the Jekyll Island meeting to meet with European Bankers and Central Bankers, namely the Rothschilds. After these meetings the plans were in hand, however this plan was going to be a hard sell in congress. It took 3 years for Aldrich and others in congress to get the Federal Reserve Act onto President Woodrow Wilson’s desk to be signed into law. It has been said that President Wilson regretted his involvement in signing this Act. He was well aware of what it really was and what it meant to America’s future. The Global Elite would forever be in control of not only Europe but the United States as well. 
Aldrich and his gang of five sold the creation of a privately controlled central banking system as a way to avoid another financial crisis like the Panic of 1907. A year when the Stock Market fell 50% and caused a run on banks that could not cover their deposits. Many banks went into bankruptcy. JP Morgan got together with other large Bankers and devised a plan to end the panic by using their own wealth to shore up the difference between what the deposit ledgers said and what was actually in the banks possession. (I am purposely avoiding banking terminology so that I can explain this better.)
Banking is in all sense of the word a scam. Devised by the rich to take your money. Basically you give your money to the bank, they in turn loan your money to those they deem the most able to pay it back with interest. These are generally those who don’t need the money in reality. Our system today is built on debt. The banks are involved in almost every transaction you make. Those credit cards and debit cards you use today are only ways of the banks to become involved in every purchase you make. Your groceries, gas for your car? If you used that convenient piece of plastic, the bank made a percentage on the sale that varies between 2.5% to 8.5%. You buy a house? Well you will pay the bank around 250-300% more than the price was as the interest over 20-30 years. A car, refrigerator or that trip to Disney World, all profited by the banker. 
Once created the Federal Reserve or Fed took over the banking regulatory duties from the US government. Basically a private business that regulates itself. The fed has never been audited in its 104 year history. It controls the economy by interest rate adjustments of lowering the cost of loans to stimulate and raising the interest rates in order to slow the economy. Various situations influence national economies, from the mid 1700’s to about 1860’s agriculture was 2nd only to war. With the Industrial Revolution came different and more complex banking. GDP and employment were factored in. Recessions were always in play as any one miss step man made or otherwise could cause panic and restrict the availability of money. Aldrich and his gang of five had claimed that by creating a privately owned and operated central bank (Fed) these impacts could be better handled. 
The Great Depression of 1929-39 cause has been debated since it happened. The Stock Market crashed as investors suddenly began a sell off of their assets. Production fell and unemployment rose into the millions. Smaller banks were again forced out of business as they ran out of money. The Fed tightened the availability of money and in many ways stood down as the country and world came to a standstill. Many today mistakenly believe that FDR brought us out of this depression with the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act of 1933 that created the Works Progress Administration (WPA) one of many such programs where the government not private industry borrowed from the Fed. The Social Security Act of 1935 was another government program devised to create a trust fund for old age and disabled Americans. This money collected from employee and employer equally is held by the private Fed bankers. Remember the Fed has never been audited.
Once war broke out in Europe and Asia the central banks of Europe and our Fed loaned massive amounts of money to all sides of the conflict. Something banks have done since they began. War is the most profitable way that banks can make money. Economies grow quickly as war materials are sought. From resources to boots industrial production grows. The Bankers become the most powerful men and women throughout the capitals of the world. In essence they already are under the Centralized Banking System. The Great Depression ended due to World War II, not because of government intervention in the economy. Every aspect of life is controlled by Bankers and these are the true rulers behind the curtain. They are the Wizards of OZ manipulating every move that governments make.
Centralized banking as with the creation of our Fed has been linked worldwide since its beginning as these Bankers would communicate often and attempt to make decisions together. The creation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in July of 1944 was when Bankers began the process of uniting formally as one coherent entity. The goal of course is a One World Banking System controlled by these private bankers who have control of the worlds economy. It is not too difficult to figure out the ultimate goal here. One Banking System, One Economy, One Currency, One World Globalist Government. Or the New World Order.
All paths lead back to Germany and the Jewish Bankers of the Rothschild’s family. It would take a book to explain the connections between the Elites of Europe and those within America. Most all run back through marriage or business partnerships to the Rothschilds and other European Elite. Many Jewish people in Europe changed their names so as to go undetected as throughout history the Jews of Europe were targeted. Paul Warburg one of Aldrich’s gang of five was of Germanic Jewish decent. Otto Warburg was President of the World Zionist Organisation from 1911-1921. The Rothschild’s have control or influence over almost every Central Bank world wide. The Bank of England is the Rothschild’s main bank and where the worlds economy is run from. Despite the belief that governments run nations it is the Bankers and Industrialists that really rule. 
When you realize that Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan did not have Central Private Banks you may understand the real reason they were targeted. Only three countries today do not have privately held central banks. North Korea, Iran and Cuba. All three are targeted for overthrow of their regimes either today or in the near future. Two are Communist Dictatorships and Iran is an Islamic Republic but Shiite Muslim not Sunni who dominate the Muslim religion. Once you understand that the Fed runs the United States and not the government you will realize that you are nothing more than slaves.   Your money isn’t even real its not with the paper its printed on. The plastic RFID chipped plastic cards are just their way of making you believe in their fairy tale about the Land of Oz. 


Beating The Globalists At Their Own Game President Trump Is The Master

When Americans went to the polls in 2016 we elected a man that promised to fix most of our problems. Donald J Trump the outsider, anti establishment candidate who shocked the political world with his off the cuff remarks. Trump steam rolled over the Republican Party and their 16 challengers with the skill of a master chess player, picking off one opponent at a time. Trump’s style though unorthodox was genius in the way he out played his professional political adversaries. When he faced off with his Democrat largely assumed the next POTUS challenger Hillary Clinton, Trump outmaneuvered the well oiled Clinton machine. 
After his first 100 days as POTUS Trump is still playing the game of politics his way as he had during the campaign. Keeping his opponents off balance he allows them to destroy themselves as they attempt to subvert his policies. The Washington Establishment, both Democrat and Republican are acting almost schizophrenic as one moment they are attacking him then the next praising him. Trump has them right where he wants them, off balance. Unfortunately some of his own base have become confused as they wonder if he has given into the Globalist policies they are so vehemently against. Everyone seems to forget the Trump tactic of allowing the opponent to assume they have the upper hand before he brilliantly slips a checkmate in. 
Ask yourself if President Trump was really all in on the Ryan healthcare bill that died quickly as it was in truth just a modification to Obamacare? Did he push it as the answer or even claim it as the fix? The answer is no as he basically allowed it to fail and therefore allowed those who were pushing it to fail. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who has been a thorn in the Trump agenda since the campaign received two black eyes and is close to being knocked out. We watched this happen time and again during the campaign as Trump’s opponents lull themselves into thinking they have him on the ropes as he quickly sidesteps their punches and they fall flat onto the canvas. 
Not only has President Trump been outplaying the US Globalist Establishment on economic and social policies he has been doing the same on foreign policy. On April 4th 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired into Syria by the US hitting the Syrian airbase Al Shayrat. This was in response to a supposed chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on the town of Khan Shaykhun in Syria’s northern province of Idlib. Killing 100 and injuring hundreds more including women and children. Suddenly the American Globalist Establishment were praising President Trump and they were noticeably acting as though they had achieved a great victory. The narrative about Syria quickly became the Globalist’s regime change narrative. 
Just days before, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had stated that regime change in Syria was not the Trump policy. Had the Globalist’s Deep State turned President Trump against his base and into their control? Remember who we are dealing with before you panic. This entire incident has red flags all over it. The town in question is under the control of Al Qaeda linked rebel groups, Al Qaeda, ISIS and other rebel groups have used chemical weapons in the past. The Syrian air force did bomb a munitions depot the rebels had within Khan Shaykhun. Al Qaeda, ISIS and their allies use innocent civilians as shields. So we can ask ourselves, What really happened? 
The Syrian base attacked by the US was said to be the staging area for the Syrian chemical attack. We can assume that if Assad did have these weapons still, despite claims that he no longer does, this base had more. We also know that Russia has military personnel dispersed throughout Syrian military bases. We have been told that the US gave the Russian’s and therefore Syria a heads up on our attack. Of course the claim is an hours notice but reality could be much longer. Photographs of the aftermath showed some damage to hangers, bunkers and buildings. There were a few aircraft destroyed and yet the runways were unscathed leaving the airbase operational. The Syrians claimed 7 military personnel were killed with no Russian or civilians dead or injured.
The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) used, carries a 1,000 lb warhead. Multiply that by 59 and of course you get 59,000 lbs. For comparison the MOAB dropped on the 13th of April in Afghanistan is a 18,700 lb bomb. If you haven’t seen a video of the explosive power of a MOAB I urge you to look it up. You may then understand my analysis on the US Tomahawk attack with close to 140% more firepower. The master of the political chess game President Trump has again outplayed his opponents. Despite the renewed calls for the ouster of Assad and a suspicion of a flip flop by President Trump you are barking up the wrong tree. 
The Tomahawk attack was an orchestrated ruse to setup the Globalists and their allies. The Russians played their part as they gave the appearance of being dismayed as to Trumps sudden reverse pivot. MSM dropped all reference to a Trump/ Russian alliance, those who had supported ISIS secretly came forward and outed themselves praising Trump’s action. Some have felt compelled to even suggest an open alliance with ISIS. President Trump also was able to attain first hand how the Chinese would react as he himself informed Xi Jinping in person. One of Trump’s greatest gifts is an ability to read a persons body language and facial expressions. He now knows America’s biggest true threats the Globalists and the Chinese and has the upper hand when dealing with them.