Obstruction Of Justice Former FBI Director James Comey Guilty?

That got your attention I bet. Through a private investigator Rod Wheeler and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange plus two unidentified sources. Seth Rich the DNC IT staffer who showed signs of a physical assault before being shot twice in the back that resulted in his death. Was the Wikileaks source of Democratic National Committee emails that the DNC and Hillary Clinton claimed was Russia. Rod Wheeler and Fox news have confirmed that over 43,000 emails were in fact sent from Seth Rich’s laptop to Gavin MacFadyen an American investigate journalist who headed the London offices of Wikileaks. The FBI source says that the FBI has the laptop. 
So why should Comey be charged with obstruction? James Comey was the director of the FBI, he held evidence that connected Rich as the DNC leaker. Comey ordered this evidence to be hidden and allowed a false story to continue about Russia hacking and Trump campaign collusion. Comey also has hindered the Seth Rich murder investigation and opened up an FBI investigation on members of the Trump campaign with full knowledge that there was no Russian involvement. He has allowed MSM and members of congress to deceive the American public. He has allowed 100’s of thousands of dollars to be waisted by the FBI, congress and other government agencies in the process. 
James Comey is nothing more than a Clinton Deep State stooge. He is a Fixer as they are known in the criminal world. The one called in to fix the crime scene by the criminal, to wipe any fingerprints or evidence away. The young 27 year old Seth Rich deserves to have the truth come out. He did what he felt was right at the time. He blew the whistle on major corruption in the DNC and paid the ultimate price. You can bet that Comey knows all the details and has withheld this evidence of what in truth was a political assassination. 
It wasn’t the Russians after all and Comey allowed all of the lies and fake news to progress in an attempt to overthrow the lawfully elected President of the United States. If you can’t see who these people are I feel sorry for you. The fact is I fear for my country as evil sits in some of the highest posts in the land. We are at war not only with a terrorist organization created by members of our own government (ISIS). We are at war with many within our government who could care less about human life. What will become of us? 


Evasive James Comey Fired By President Trump Washington Establishment Loses FBI Protector

Many are saying that it is about time, others are calling it unprecedented and some fear that now that Establishment loyalist Comey is gone the swamp can be drained. Will President Trump find a replacement who isn’t controlled by those that they may be forced to investigate? It is not easy to find anyone who is not controlled in Washington these days. Will the President go with another lawyer or find a law enforcement officer to do what is essentially a law enforcement job? 
The FBI was begun formally in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation ( BOI ). Then Attorney General ( AG ) Charles Bonaparte under the direction of President Teddy Roosevelt used Department of Justice ( DOJ ) funding to create an investigative service that reported only to the AG. The BOI’s first official act was to enforce the Mann Act of 1910. Known also as the ” White Slave Traffic Act ” that dealt with prostitution. During the prohibition years the BOI became the Division of Investigation ( DOI ), finally in 1935 the name was changed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ). Serving as the domestic intelligence and security service, known also as the national law enforcement agency. It operates under the jurisdiction of the DOJ and through its intelligence gathering duties it is part of the US intelligence community. The FBI reports to both the AG and the Director of National Intelligence ( DNI ) in these matters.
J. Edgar Hoover is of course the FBI’s most well known director, serving a total of 48 years from 1924 to 1972. Hoover pushed for creation of the Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory that helped law enforcement greatly in solving crimes. His hands on approach and involvement in every aspect within the FBI in the end made him too powerful. It is widely known that he gathered information on political leaders as well as criminals. Using the information to his advantage over the years. Hoover denied repeatedly that the Cosa Nostra ( Mafia ) existed in the US. Hoover and Robert Kennedy who served as AG 1-20-1961 to 9-3-1964 would often have heated arguments over the issue. The Mafia is said to have used Hoovers black mail tactics against him as they held photographs that compromised Hoover in these times. As everyone in Washington feared Hoover he was never fired. He remained until his death on 5-2-1972. Congress quickly enacted a law limiting the FBI director to 10 years to avoid anyone else from becoming so powerful in the position. 
James Comey became director of the FBI on 9-4-2013 by appointment of President Barack Obama. An imposing figure standing 6’8″ he is known to be soft spoken. He first appeared in government as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York in December of 2002, appointed by the George W Bush, serving just under a year he was promoted to US Deputy Attorney General where he stayed for less than 2 years. Between 2005 and 2013 Comey was employed by Lockheed Martin until 2010 when he moved on to Bridgewater Associates a Hedge Fund company with clients that included pension funds, endowments, foreign governments, central banks and foundations. At the beginning of 2013 Comey was appointed as a board member, a director and Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee member for the London based bank HSBC Holdings. HSBC has connections to the Clinton Foundation as Lockheed Martin did. 
James Comey’s brother Peter works for the DLA Piper law firm serving as the Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas. This firm preformed the independent audit of the Clinton Foundation. How independent they were is very questionable as they were a major donation block to the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign and Clinton Foundation donor base. From Lockheed Martin to HSBC to DLA Piper the Comey/Clinton connections are too close for comfort. This explains why the FBI never found Hillary Clinton to have broken any laws. By all ethical thought, director Comey and then AG Loretta Lynch should have recused themselves from any investigation involving Hillary Clinton as to their professional connections to her.
This type of Establishment insider hiring of the FBI director needs to be avoided in the future. President Trump has his hands full as he must find the right man or woman to oversee investigations that could include those within the Washington Establishment. The FBI has been hampered enough since its creation by the actions of questionable characters from Hoover to Comey. Much of draining the swamp will come through FBI investigations of wrongdoing by government officials. The Comey years of evasive and confusing statements is over, its time to move forward and not sideways.

Trump Acting Presidential Clinton Begins Meltdown

Donald Trump speaking before a large crowd in Green Bay Wisconsin is beginning to look and act more Presidential, He endorsed Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan in his home state as he had planned. Many still don’t understand that Trump knows how to hit his marks and does it where and when it is most useful. As Trump has said from the beginning he holds his cards close and only plays them when needed. This dispels the loose canon myth perpetuated by Mainstream Media. Trump is as comfortable in front of a crowd as well as in closed door meetings, Rarely does he take a shot at anyone without knowing the true facts about the subject or person. Brutally truthful unlike the politicians and MSM that most Americans are used to. 

While Hillary Clinton is showing signs of the rumoured inability to handle stress. With WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ready to release more Clinton and DNC emails you can see the stress wearing on the face and actions of Clinton. She’s having trouble keeping her stories straight and is blurting out some truths amongst the lies that she relies on. Her recent admitting that she will “raise taxes on the middle class” is true. She had her Globalist friend and supporter, multi billionaire Warren Buffet sitting just feet behind her when she claims to be against Wall Street Bigwigs. A Freudian slip for certain, as her inability to keep her lies separated from the truth is shinning through. Her small crowds are also telling as she has trouble getting her venues filled while Trump venues are bulging at the seams and turning thousands away.
Clinton then had to do damage control for her out right lies about FBI director Comey’s statements to Congress. He never said as she originally claimed that her statement to Congress and those to the FBI were consistent and truthful about sending and receiving Top Secret emails on her private server. She flat out denied doing so when asked during her appearance in front of the congressional hearing. Comey said she in fact did send Top Secret emails. He also said that if anyone in the FBI was found to do the same as Clinton had they would loose their security clearance and face being fired and criminally held accountable. 
Then yesterday Clinton actually referred to Trump as her husband before quickly changing her words. Word out of her campaign is that Hillary is revealing violent episodes as she is panicking over the true numbers in polls that show her ahead in MSM releases but only after the numbers are flipped to favor her. She is also fearing that the emails coming out will show all the corruption and fraud she was involved in as Secretary of State. She knows what was deleted but she mistakingly thought they would never be seen. She knows now that they still exist and her career is almost finished. 

Hillary Clinton Lies Again Big Surprise!

Hillary being Hillary lies again, someone is going to claim she must be delusional. She again claims that James Comey, FBI director told congress that her statements about the emails have been “consistent and truthful.” Facts being facts is that Hillary said “she never sent classified material via her private server” in the congressional hearing. Comey told that she was found truthful when speaking to FBI investigators. So two stories were told one truthful and one lie. Sorry Hillary that doesn’t add up to being truthful.
And considering your position as Secretary of State and you used one server for both private and government emails. That means of those 30,000 you deleted many more were Top Secret. Can’t imagine only 120 Top Secret emails in 4 years. So the lies may fool some but not all of us.
Just another day in the life of Hillary, Lie to the American people, thinking you’re getting away with it. Just more proof how dangerous she is. 

The World Laughs As Hillary Clinton Escapes Justice Again

No real surprise as James Comey of the FBI confirms to America and the world that Hillary Clinton will not be charged for multiple crimes. He did let everyone else know that if they did the same, charges would be filed against them. The only thing confirmed is that the level of corruption within the United States government has reached an all time high. 
A quick look at the timeline shows how charges went from immanent to coverup within a two week period. The White House announces that President Obama will join Hillary on the campaign trail at an event on July 5th. The Godfather Bill Clinton delays his departure from Phoenix for a “social meeting” with AG Loretta Lynch on June 27th. The FBI tells reporters not to film or take pictures of the meeting. Lynch tells reporters that she will follow recommendations by those investigating Hillary’s email violations once the story of her meeting Bill Clinton breaks. On Saturday July 2nd the FBI “interviews” Hillary for 3.5 hours. Then on the morning of the July 5th scheduled event that Obama and Hillary had scheduled previously, Comey holds a news conference to admit Hillary violated the law but no charges will be filed.
As is well known two extreme oddities happened with this year long investigation. One being the announcement that Clinton’s IT aide Bryan Palgliano is granted immunity in exchange for his testimony. The second being that the FBI called in Clinton for 3.5 hours for what? They obviously had known no charges were forthcoming at this point. So why the smoke and mirrors? Why was Clinton positive from the start that she wouldn’t be charged? And why did the FBI waste millions of taxpayer dollars and their own man hours for nothing?
We all know that Clinton was guilty, we all know that she allowed top secret emails to be viewed by hackers. We all know that the use of a private server is illegal, we all know she lied claiming there were no top secret, secret or confidential files emailed, we all know she ordered the headers of top secret files to be removed, we also know that she ordered over 33,000 emails to be deleted before turning over the emails as ordered. Yet no charges? We also know that she was aware that her server had been hacked on several occasions.
As this Presidential election year has shown the world that the party’s not the voters choose the candidates. Although Trump’s overwhelming support has overridden the Republican Party’s attempts to remove his nomination to date. Hillary’s was in the bag from the beginning on the Democrat side. The world laughs as they watch all this unfold. As Putin of Russia has said ” America uses an interesting type of democracy.” 
If the American people are so willing to allow this massive corruption to continue then they deserve what is to come. The death of the Republic is near unless the people wake up from the apparent coma they have been in. Hope everyone enjoyed July 4th because its meaning is being altered by corrupt politicians who make us the laughing stock of the world.