Deep State Going All In As Russian Fake News By MSM Imploding

Yesterdays claim in the Washington Post were shut down quickly by Secretary of State Tillerson  and McMaster NSA as they emphatically deny that the President gave Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Classified Intel. Both men were in attendance at the meeting that WaPo claimed their sources said that this supposed National Security breach happened. The fact that WaPo printed the details of what was said is being considered the real breach of National Security about the Russian/US war against ISIS. Both countries have been sharing Intel about ISIS for a couple years, and what was discussed was not out of the ordinary. This WaPo story is Fake News. 
This is just another in a long list of stories that the MSM has been printing or airing that have been found to be untrue. The Deep State continues to use MSM as their propaganda tool in trying to bring down President Trump. The President remains in the cross hair of the Globalist’s who have controlled Washington DC for decades. And the narrative that there was Russian/Trump collusion continues to fall as there has never been evidence to support this claim. The fact that the FBI is wasting manpower and resources on an imaginary link should disturb the American taxpayer. The real crimes and truth remain unsolved or even investigated. 
A breaking story overnight is drawing attention as the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich have had a private investigator looking into his murder. The DC Police had claimed this was a simple robbery gone bad. The FBI didn’t investigate as they accepted the DC Police’s findings. The PI Ron Wheeler a former DC homicide detective has told Fox News that there is evidence on Rich’s laptop that he WAS in contact with Wikileaks prior to his murder. Wheeler also states that his sources inside the DC Police and FBI have told him that they were told to stand down. The botched robbery claim would be the story upheld. 
This of course destroys the Fake News narrative that Russia hacked the DNC and then gave the information to Wikileaks who published it just days before Rich’s murder last year. This contact by Rich was through Gavin MacFadyen an investigative reporter and documentary film maker who died last October in London, UK. MacFadyen was a mentor of Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder. Assange has claimed all along that the Russians were not his source of the DNC materials. However the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign said it was Russia. Today Assange tweeted the Fox story on these new revelations about the Rich murder. Again another Russian story promoted by MSM and Deep State controlled politicians is found to be Fake News. Whoever President Trump picks as the new FBI director is sure to open up this investigation. 
A new rumor is being circulated in Washington that claims that President Trump suffers from Alzheimer’s. This is another attempt to discredit the President and an attempt to remove him from office. The truth of course is that he doesn’t have this disease, however if half of his Cabinet and Vice President Pence declare it to be true, under the 25th amendment of the Constitution he can be removed. If the President fights this move it then goes to Congress to decide. The Deep State and their Globalist masters are willing to do anything to stop the Trump agenda. If a new FBI director will open up all of the cases involving the crimes of those controlled by the Globalist’s, some of the biggest names in Washington past and present face charges that include; Treason, Espionage, Murder, Kidnapping, Theft and many more. 
The Deep States narratives and crimes are becoming known. This makes them even more dangerous than before. It’s time that the American people all wake up and see just who has been telling the truth to them and who has been lying. President Trump is not your enemy, it is those who have misled you for years. I enjoy being called crazy or a conspiracy theorist as the things I have written in the end are true. You who call me those things are just allowing yourselves to be controlled. There was no Russian collusion, the Seth Rich murder was a political assassination, the Globalist’s are in the process of enslaving your bodies and minds. The Federal Reserve is stealing from you, not in the middle of the night but in broad daylight as you hand them your money without questioning why. Wake up!!


Obama Violated National Security, He Too Used Clinton Private Server

Obama Violated National Security, He too Used Clinton Private Server

Fifty GOP Globalist National Security Con Men Send Letter to Trump

 Falsely calling him “Reckless, Dangerous and Unaware.” Led by Ret. General Michael Hayden who served as National Security Agency director under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, then CIA director under Bush. 
The GOP Globalists are revealing themselves daily as they are disavowing Trump. They and the Globalist Democrats led by the noticeably seriously Ill Hillary Clinton who short circuited again literally during an event in St. Petersburg Florida yesterday, are exposing themselves for who they really are. 
The Globalists, the same people that Republican President Dwight Eisenhower warned of in his farewell speech to America. It was these very same Globalists that Democratic President John F. Kennedy warned of also with these words, “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence…” stated Kennedy.

“It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly-efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed not published. It’s mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” many believe that it was this moment of absolute bravery in telling the people of the world what was being planned, that resulted in his assassination in Dallas on November 22  1963. JFK vowed to expose the Globalist before his presidency was over. 
Fast forward 53 years and we now have the Globalist exposing themselves during this Presidential Election Campaign of 2016. They have been in the White House with Bush 41 & 43, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. They have controlled the House and Senate as they do today. Mainstream Media is run and controlled by these Globalists. Your Republic and its Constitution have been hijacked through a slow Coup d’etat in the hope that you wouldn’t notice. 

Whittling away at our freedoms through False Flags and Black Ops. Creating enemies where there were none, creating war for the sake of war, ruining economies that they profit from, creating an educational system that is meant to fail, creating a fear of disease to force up to 74 vaccines upon our children that in turn has caused brain injury and Auto immune disorders never seen at such massive rates, manipulation of the weather, false narrative by NASA to make you believe what is in truth impossible. 
Why are actors such as George Clooney and Angelina Jolie members of the Globalist organization called the Council of Foreign Relations? Are they really experts in foreign policy? No, they like other actors, directors and entertainers  are part of the Globalist controlled industry that shapes the thoughts and life styles of society. As JFK said it is complex and these anti-American Globalists have infiltrated every where within our nation. 
This is why Donald Trump a true American, who believes in the same things our founding fathers did, has alone thrown a wrench into the Globalists machine. They were certain that the American public was still asleep and would just go along with business as usual. This election was to be another head to head between Globalist Clinton and Jeb Bush. You weren’t to hear any truths about terrorism being funded, armed and created by the Globalists, you were to think you have a real choice. Despite the fact its all planned with a winner picked by the Globalist Masters, as your votes are altered to reflect their wishes. 
For these 50 GOP so-called experts to call Trump reckless is the same as Obama saying he is unfit. This is nothing short of a huge endorsement that Trump has to be elected our next President. They all fear him not because what he plans is bad for the United States but because he plans to expose their lies and corruption. He plans to stop the endless wars that have killed and injured tens of thousands of Americans and killed and destroyed the lives of millions worldwide. He will expose those in banking who rob you blind, expose Wall Street and their rigged markets, expose the government scientist who lie and manipulate science for money, expose the Globalists and their true plans for us all. Remember, he does know these people, he has done business and hung out with them, he heard their plans. Trump is risking everything, including his life to end the Globalist plot to destroy the United States and the people. This government belongs to us, we do not belong to it. Trump knows this and you should know this, the Globalists think you belong to them.