If Kim Dotcom Proves Seth Rich Was WikiLeaks Source Russian Hacking/Collusion Story Must End

Some very high level Democrats are terrified that the truth is about to be told. Kim Dotcom the German born Entrepreneur who now lives in New Zealand, has let it be known that he can confirm that Seth Rich was in fact the Wikileaks DNC emails source. This destroys the entire “Russia did it” narrative that MSM and Democrats have been claiming. The Seth Rich story may also finally become front page news and no longer buried. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been in a self created situation since the murder of Rich. Assange had vowed to never give up his sources whether alive or dead. 
Assange was forced to walk a tightrope of hinting that it was in fact Seth Rich who provided the corruption exposing emails. Offering a $20,000 reward in the murder case, using Rich’s death as an example as to the danger his sources face. Assange even retweeted the recent Fox News 5 story that involved investigator Rod Wheeler saying that Seth Rich was the source and that the evidence was on his laptop. 
Now that Kim Dotcom has entered the storyline more has come to light. Rich had a Reddit account that has been shown to have recent activity, someone has been editing his account. An anonymous source claiming to be one of Rich’s surgeons the morning he was shot has said that the gunshot wounds were not life threatening. This anonymous source has also said that they were witness to federal investigators entering Rich’s ICU room and that Rich died shortly afterward. This source seemed legitimate as they described the procedures in medical terms. However as with all anonymous sources you can’t be certain if it is the truth.
MSM has used anonymous sources to build it’s narrative of the Russian/Trump collusion claims and the Russian/Wikileaks source claims for almost a year now. If Kim Dotcom proves his claims then this entire MSM and Democrat narrative will blow up in their faces. It won’t solve the Seth Rich murder investigation but it should create a demand for answers. Hopefully both of these stories can come to light and we can end the guessing game. If this Doctor comes forward it could also expose the level of corruption surrounding Rich’s death. Putting to end the botched robbery claim and pointing to a political assassination instead. 
Washington DC is full of anonymous sources as the truth can get you killed. The power these people in government wield is enormous even at lower levels. The American people have had the wool pulled over their eyes long enough. We deserve answers, we must demand them if we will ever really get our government back.


Deep State Going All In As Russian Fake News By MSM Imploding

Yesterdays claim in the Washington Post were shut down quickly by Secretary of State Tillerson  and McMaster NSA as they emphatically deny that the President gave Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Classified Intel. Both men were in attendance at the meeting that WaPo claimed their sources said that this supposed National Security breach happened. The fact that WaPo printed the details of what was said is being considered the real breach of National Security about the Russian/US war against ISIS. Both countries have been sharing Intel about ISIS for a couple years, and what was discussed was not out of the ordinary. This WaPo story is Fake News. 
This is just another in a long list of stories that the MSM has been printing or airing that have been found to be untrue. The Deep State continues to use MSM as their propaganda tool in trying to bring down President Trump. The President remains in the cross hair of the Globalist’s who have controlled Washington DC for decades. And the narrative that there was Russian/Trump collusion continues to fall as there has never been evidence to support this claim. The fact that the FBI is wasting manpower and resources on an imaginary link should disturb the American taxpayer. The real crimes and truth remain unsolved or even investigated. 
A breaking story overnight is drawing attention as the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich have had a private investigator looking into his murder. The DC Police had claimed this was a simple robbery gone bad. The FBI didn’t investigate as they accepted the DC Police’s findings. The PI Ron Wheeler a former DC homicide detective has told Fox News that there is evidence on Rich’s laptop that he WAS in contact with Wikileaks prior to his murder. Wheeler also states that his sources inside the DC Police and FBI have told him that they were told to stand down. The botched robbery claim would be the story upheld. 
This of course destroys the Fake News narrative that Russia hacked the DNC and then gave the information to Wikileaks who published it just days before Rich’s murder last year. This contact by Rich was through Gavin MacFadyen an investigative reporter and documentary film maker who died last October in London, UK. MacFadyen was a mentor of Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder. Assange has claimed all along that the Russians were not his source of the DNC materials. However the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign said it was Russia. Today Assange tweeted the Fox story on these new revelations about the Rich murder. Again another Russian story promoted by MSM and Deep State controlled politicians is found to be Fake News. Whoever President Trump picks as the new FBI director is sure to open up this investigation. 
A new rumor is being circulated in Washington that claims that President Trump suffers from Alzheimer’s. This is another attempt to discredit the President and an attempt to remove him from office. The truth of course is that he doesn’t have this disease, however if half of his Cabinet and Vice President Pence declare it to be true, under the 25th amendment of the Constitution he can be removed. If the President fights this move it then goes to Congress to decide. The Deep State and their Globalist masters are willing to do anything to stop the Trump agenda. If a new FBI director will open up all of the cases involving the crimes of those controlled by the Globalist’s, some of the biggest names in Washington past and present face charges that include; Treason, Espionage, Murder, Kidnapping, Theft and many more. 
The Deep States narratives and crimes are becoming known. This makes them even more dangerous than before. It’s time that the American people all wake up and see just who has been telling the truth to them and who has been lying. President Trump is not your enemy, it is those who have misled you for years. I enjoy being called crazy or a conspiracy theorist as the things I have written in the end are true. You who call me those things are just allowing yourselves to be controlled. There was no Russian collusion, the Seth Rich murder was a political assassination, the Globalist’s are in the process of enslaving your bodies and minds. The Federal Reserve is stealing from you, not in the middle of the night but in broad daylight as you hand them your money without questioning why. Wake up!!

Enough With These Russian Stories Comey Was Inept Or Co-Conspirator In Many Crimes?

Let’s begin with the word collusion itself.

secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
“the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers”
synonyms:conspiracy, connivance, complicity, intrigue, plotting, secret understanding, collaboration, scheming
“there had been collusion between the security forces and paramilitary groups”
illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.
There has been zero evidence found linking President Trump or any of his surrogates with collusion to cheat the American voter with Russian help during the election. There hasn’t even been proof that the Russian’s hacked the Democratic National Committee or the Clinton campaign. Don’t think that if there were it wouldn’t have been presented by now. 
What has been proven is Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State knowingly and willingly used a private server that she was expressly told not to do by former Secretary of State Colin Powell. She also sent and received classified documents on this server. Huma Abedin her assistant then transfered these documents via her yahoo account to husband Anthony Weiner. I’m sure this again was not over a secured server. Clinton also allowed her lawyers to go through her emails that contained classified materials as they determined which emails would be relevant to the congressional investigation. We now have many people who lack security clearances with access to classified materials. Comey claims no intent. The only intent was that he would clear Clinton of any crime.
Then we have Clinton lying repeatedly about sending or receiving classified materials, having her email server wiped clean, supposedly losing several devices used or breaking with hammers. Her husband talking to AG Loretta Lynch just days before Comey cleared her. We have the Benghazi failed investigation on top of this. Never mind the pay to play scheme used while Clinton was Secretary of State. The emails proving that then President Obama sent emails to and received emails from Clinton on this server. The list of crimes here is immense and all went under the rug and out of the MSM narrative.
Don’t ask why that happened, it later was found through John Podesta’s Clinton’s campaign managers emails that there was collusion between the Clinton campaign and many members of MSM. And let’s not forget the stolen primary with the collusion of the DNC and Clinton campaign. Have we forgotten Bernie Sanders? No, MSM just doesn’t report on it. This might be due to the collusion between the Clinton campaign and MSM. Why did the DNC refuse the FBI access to its computers if the claim is the Russians hacked them? There was one person who had access to these computers and their files. Remember the young DNC staffer Seth Rich who was murdered and known to be upset about the steal from Bernie Sanders. This investigation went quickly by the DC police claiming a robbery gone bad. Lots of investigators with crystal balls apparently. Comey knows someone’s intent and the DC Police are sure the assassination style murder of Rich was an attempted robbery. 
Under Obama we had the fast and furious gun running scandal, the Iran hostages for cash scandal, the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae slash Obamacare scandal, Benghazi, wiretapping German Chancellor Merkel’s cell phone, the Arab Spring, Arming and training of ISIS, the claim of killing Bin Laden then deaths of those involved. Wiretapping and unmasking of members of the Trump transition team and possibly Trump himself. Confirmed by MSM. And the sale of 20% of the US Uranium assets to, wait for it “Russia”. Clinton signed off on this and then her husband made money giving speeches in, wait for it ” Russia”. Let’s not forget the Podesta Russian links. 
There are many more criminal behaviours I am leaving out but you can plainly see the problem here. You can’t have the criminals investigating their friends, associates or bosses. Otherwise the crimes go away quickly. MSM and others are using the fake Trump/Russian Collusion story as a distraction for the real crimes against the American people. Its time that we fix this now! 

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Quietly Completing New World Orders Third Alliance Eastasia

While we in the West deal with issues from the migrant crisis in Europe to the wars in the Middle East to the political turmoil inside the European Union and the United States. A rarely spoken of Alliance begun in 1996 with the creation of the Shanghai Five has grown quietly into a major player on the world’s political scene. In 2001 the name was changed to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) when Uzbekistan joined the five original members of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. This is a pact of Eurasian countries that have agreed to work together on political, economic and military policies. In June of this year (2017) the SCO will meet in Astana Kazakhstan and formally sign India and Pakistan as new members.
I am forced to again reference the book written by Eric Arthur Blair who used the pen name George Orwell. His book 1984 depicted a future world where everyone was living under a extremely controlled government. There were three global governments known as Oceania that included North and South America and the British Isles, Eurasia represented Europe and most of Russia and then Eastasia that represented China, Northern India, Korea and Japan. If this alone doesn’t have you saying “What?” as you notice some distinct similarities in this book of fiction and today’s world I don’t know what to say. 
Blair was known as a journalist and author of fiction. However he was also connected to British Intelligence before and during World War II. Many believe that his book 1984 published in 1949 was more than a fictional work as time is proving that it coincides with the world we live in today. Despite his world map of three separate governments not lining up exactly, the idea certainly has. You have the European Union that Britain is leaving, the US with its allies of Japan and Australia and of course the quietly forming SCO. Realize that today’s political map is somewhat different than the one of post WWII. Russia was to be absorbed into the EU once the Soviet Union fell. As we know today that Russia is considered the major enemy of the EU. Vladimir Putin went off script and moved Russia away from EU control. 
The Globalist’s who are actively still attempting to build a New World Order had been building a three section world system of One Global Governance. The EU, the American Union and the Asian Union. All created and linked by trade agreements and eventually ruled by unelected officials in the United Nations. Remember then Senator Jeff Sessions stunned reaction in 2012 when questioning then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta? Learning that the US would have to have UN approval to intervene in Syria during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing. And just last week President Trump met with UN officials concerning North Korea. 
Eric Arthur Blair died within a year (1950) of publishing 1984 coincidentally as always seems to happen to those who alert the people of the world of the truth. Everything within this book is coming to pass from the surveillance state to newspeak (Ingsoc). There is just too many similarities to ignore the this truth anymore. The book 1984 was not a fictional look into history, It was Blair’s way of giving us the heads up of what was being planned by those who rule the world from the shadows. 

Kim Jong Un Fires Another Dud What Next?

Kim Jong Un continues to attempt to be the reason for starting World War 3. He is definitely playing a game of Russian Roulette that could lead the world into an all out nuclear war. He for reasons as of yet to be known believes he is untouchable and would survive such an event. China and Russia have asked him to stop his nuclear weapons testing and to end the verbal threats towards the US, Japan and South Korea. All involved seek a diplomatic end to this volatile situation except Kim. Acting as a spoiled child or more realistically a mentally ill man who lacks the ability to understand what the results of his actions could be.
How did a economically limited country attain the ability to become one of the few nations in the world to obtain nuclear weapons? As of June 2014 only 9 nations have nuclear weapons; The United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). There have been undocumented reports that Saudi Arabia has used Neutron bombs in Yemen. Officially called an Enhanced Radiation Weapon (ERW). And of course Iran is beginning it’s Nuclear Weapons Program. The US and Russia account for 93% of the total weapons yet one nuclear weapon is one too many. The question is who allowed North Korea to obtain this capability? 
The Soviet Union helped the North Koreans develop a Nuclear Science program in the early 1960’s but refused to help them develop weapons, China also refused to help. In 1994 the Clinton Administration signed an agreement with North Korea that they receive two light water reactors in exchange for disarmament. By 2002 this agreement fell apart and Pakistan admitted that North Korea had gained Pakistani nuclear technology. North Korea had its first nuclear test on October 9, 2006. By January 6, 2007 North Korea confirmed it had nuclear weapons. 
North Korea has only executed 6 nuclear weapons tests yet claim they can destroy the US totally. But can they? They also claim they have the ability to hit the lower 48. This of course would require long range missile technology. Recent missile tests have proven this claim to be very sketchy as the last two tests failed miserably. And yet the CIA claims the North Koreans have an active satellite armed with a EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse weapon) that can be set off above the US knocking out a large portion of our electrical grid. I have to question this last claim as it suggests they have mastered missile/rocket technology. Their test results are witness to the fact this CIA information is false. 
Recent video of the military parades that North Korea routinely has suggest that the missiles displayed were fake. It was also noted that their soldiers were equipped with outdated weapons and gear including sunglasses. We can be assured that US military technology far exceeds that of North Koreas in every category. So we ask why Kim Jong Un is so confident that he can defeat the US in war? We know that an invasion by US and or South Korean forces is out of the question as this would more likely than not spark World War 3. Kim seems to be ignoring his Chinese and Russian allies request at this moment. Economic sanctions don’t appear to work as he apparently has found ways to generate a cash flow through the black market. 
The Opium Poppy production in North Korea has been reignited to fill the void left by sanctions, most recently China’s coal import ban from Kim’s Korea. Opiate use world wide had skyrocketed due to the medical professions willingness to hand out pain killers. Heroin addiction in Europe and the US is at all time highs since the occupation of Afghanistan also. The Taliban had almost eradicated all poppy production in Afghanistan. Once the US invaded they allied with the drug lords of the north to help defeat the Taliban. These drug lords were rewarded by the US allowing them to resume their poppy production under protection of US forces who turn a blind eye to the situation. Kim has made North Korea a leader in this illicit drug trade also as he reversed his father Kim Jong il’s policy. 
As with Afghanistan that sits on top of not only prime poppy production land it has a largely untapped wealth of suspected minerals beneath the ground. There are over 200 mineral types, covering 80% of the land including coal and gold. The Chinese are already mining there and this explains their desire to keep North Korea under their sphere of influence. As you can see there is more involved than nuclear weapons when it comes to North Korea. 
The Chinese have made it clear that regime change is out of the question at this point. If it does happen they not the US would be the ones doing it. A tactical American strike is an option but would require China’s permission. This of course has its danger as Kim may then attack into the South and create World War. The next option is that the US or whoever it is that may be triggering the self destruct mechanism on these North Korean missiles continues this pattern for years. And the last option is to give into Kim’s demands and allow him to remain a world menace and nuclear threat. 
The Chinese, Russians and US need to act in some manner and remove North Koreas nuclear threat and pull off  a regime change. Kim is very young (33)  and unless he is killed or dies from disease or accidentally he will out live Presidents Trump, Xi Jinping and Putin. The world awaits as this situation must be resolved before someone makes a mistake that can’t be forgiven. 

Trump Restores US To #1 Superpower Status In Less Than 100 Day’s

Many may dislike this resumption of being the worlds only legitimate superpower. However, it does reverse a trend that was the main cause of turmoil on the world stage. The world has changed greatly since the end of World War II as we had the Soviet Union and the US sharing this title up to the collapse of the USSR. While the Soviet block quickly fell apart and left Russian influence in the world to a much smaller sphere. The Europeans through its Globalist Corporate controlled European Union (EU)  filled the void in Europe left by Russian withdrawal.
 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that was created in 1949 to counter the Soviet led Warsaw Pact is today controlled by the EU. The US and Canada being the only non European members remain. The US is still the major financier of this organization despite having little voice in its direction and operations. Many can argue that once the Soviet threat was eliminated, the US didn’t need to remain a member. However the access to European military bases would most likely have been removed. Of course we have to realize that the Globalists had gained full control of not only Europe but the US government as well. 
The US being the wealthiest and holders of the worlds most powerful military were going to play the police of the world as the Globalist began in earnest to solidify global control. During the 1950’s thru the 1980’s the US was fighting the Russians by proxy in wars and covert actions in what was labeled the “Chess Game”. Throughout the world this political chess game was played out in third world nations. The people of the world were used as pawns as the Kings never directly went against each other. The main reason the Superpowers avoided a direct confrontation was mutual nuclear annihilation. 
The Globalist’s had planned to bring the Chinese under it’s influence once the Sino-Soviet split began in the early 1960’s. The worlds two largest Communist nations could not reconcile their political and ideological differences. In July of 1971 US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (one of today’s most powerful Globalist leaders) met in Beijing secretly. This was the beginning of China’s entrance into the Globalist world of influence. This was the birth of the worlds third Superpower. 
The Chinese opened it borders to US corporations who were seeking low labor costs (slave labor) and production costs. The Chinese have little regulation, low corporate taxes and a huge consumer base that translates to gigantic profits for anyone moving production there. The government also literally stole technology that helped it build a formidable military. While the Globalists of Europe and the US were busy on fulfilling their New World Order plans at home. They were also creating chaos in the Muslim world to implement the immigration crisis. China made economic and political moves that quickly transformed it into a world power. 
The Chinese and Globalists had an agreement that they were welcome to become economic partners within the Globalist community. One important note here is that once the completion of the New World Order One World Government was attained. It would mirror the Chinese style of government. The European model of uniting many nations and cultures into one, was to continue in the same manner throughout the world as the European Union was. Control was to be with the European Elites and American. Something went wrong as was seen over the last decade. 
During President Obama’s last visit to China there was a noticeable disregard of respect towards the US President. The leader of the supposed worlds only Superpower was forced to exit the rear of his plane and the President of China Xi Jinping was nowhere to be seen. This was China telling the Globalists that they were now the ones to lead. This is a key situation on the truth about the weakening of the Globalist’s plans. Brexit, the rise of Nationalism and Trumps victory in the US elections are the others. The Globalist’s are in truth losing control. 
As within any group there will be differences of opinion and internal wrangling for power. The death of David Rockefeller has created a vacuum at the top of the World’s Globalist order. Age and ideological differences are playing out as the Globalist’s attempt to maintain control. President Trump is now playing out a chess match within Washington DC between the different sides within our own American Globalists and those in Europe and throughout the world. 
Is President Trump a Globalist? Only he knows for certain, but his policies don’t reflect those of the Globalists of the US or Europe. Many can ask then why has he allowed known Globalists within his inner circle? One reason is that there just aren’t many Nationalist around capable of being placed in positions of power. The Globalists have run our country for so long that the chance of being a Nationalist and working within government were nonexistent. This left little to few choices for Trump to find like minded people. We only have to note the living Hell that Trump himself has had to deal with for his beliefs to understand why his choices are so limited. 
The one thing that can not be denied is that President Trump has made it clear that the US is again the the worlds #1 Superpower. He has regained the respect for this fact from China by having Chinese President Xi come to the US within the first 100 days. So far it looks as if President Trump and Xi realize that they must work together to ensure their mutual interests can be protected. Their talks were much more than the North Korean problem. Trade and the changing worlds political landscape were also discussed. Only China can threaten American economic and military dominance as Russia may have massive nuclear capabilities it lacks any economic threat. The EU has economic might however militarily it lacks the ability to dominate. Of course after Brexit the future of the EU is in question. 
The “Make America Great Again” slogan is coming true. There are many hurdles to clear, however there seems to be some positive changes. We must realize that this won’t be easy and that there will be many stumbling blocks. As long as we retain the right to vote it is up to us to eliminate the Globalist politicians that have destroyed our country. It is up to us to voice our displeasure with policies we don’t agree with. It is up to us to become educated as to the truth and stop listening to Globalist propaganda. The truth is that you get the government you deserve, isn’t it time we deserve  better?