Beating The Globalists At Their Own Game President Trump Is The Master

When Americans went to the polls in 2016 we elected a man that promised to fix most of our problems. Donald J Trump the outsider, anti establishment candidate who shocked the political world with his off the cuff remarks. Trump steam rolled over the Republican Party and their 16 challengers with the skill of a master chess player, picking off one opponent at a time. Trump’s style though unorthodox was genius in the way he out played his professional political adversaries. When he faced off with his Democrat largely assumed the next POTUS challenger Hillary Clinton, Trump outmaneuvered the well oiled Clinton machine. 
After his first 100 days as POTUS Trump is still playing the game of politics his way as he had during the campaign. Keeping his opponents off balance he allows them to destroy themselves as they attempt to subvert his policies. The Washington Establishment, both Democrat and Republican are acting almost schizophrenic as one moment they are attacking him then the next praising him. Trump has them right where he wants them, off balance. Unfortunately some of his own base have become confused as they wonder if he has given into the Globalist policies they are so vehemently against. Everyone seems to forget the Trump tactic of allowing the opponent to assume they have the upper hand before he brilliantly slips a checkmate in. 
Ask yourself if President Trump was really all in on the Ryan healthcare bill that died quickly as it was in truth just a modification to Obamacare? Did he push it as the answer or even claim it as the fix? The answer is no as he basically allowed it to fail and therefore allowed those who were pushing it to fail. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who has been a thorn in the Trump agenda since the campaign received two black eyes and is close to being knocked out. We watched this happen time and again during the campaign as Trump’s opponents lull themselves into thinking they have him on the ropes as he quickly sidesteps their punches and they fall flat onto the canvas. 
Not only has President Trump been outplaying the US Globalist Establishment on economic and social policies he has been doing the same on foreign policy. On April 4th 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired into Syria by the US hitting the Syrian airbase Al Shayrat. This was in response to a supposed chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government on the town of Khan Shaykhun in Syria’s northern province of Idlib. Killing 100 and injuring hundreds more including women and children. Suddenly the American Globalist Establishment were praising President Trump and they were noticeably acting as though they had achieved a great victory. The narrative about Syria quickly became the Globalist’s regime change narrative. 
Just days before, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had stated that regime change in Syria was not the Trump policy. Had the Globalist’s Deep State turned President Trump against his base and into their control? Remember who we are dealing with before you panic. This entire incident has red flags all over it. The town in question is under the control of Al Qaeda linked rebel groups, Al Qaeda, ISIS and other rebel groups have used chemical weapons in the past. The Syrian air force did bomb a munitions depot the rebels had within Khan Shaykhun. Al Qaeda, ISIS and their allies use innocent civilians as shields. So we can ask ourselves, What really happened? 
The Syrian base attacked by the US was said to be the staging area for the Syrian chemical attack. We can assume that if Assad did have these weapons still, despite claims that he no longer does, this base had more. We also know that Russia has military personnel dispersed throughout Syrian military bases. We have been told that the US gave the Russian’s and therefore Syria a heads up on our attack. Of course the claim is an hours notice but reality could be much longer. Photographs of the aftermath showed some damage to hangers, bunkers and buildings. There were a few aircraft destroyed and yet the runways were unscathed leaving the airbase operational. The Syrians claimed 7 military personnel were killed with no Russian or civilians dead or injured.
The Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) used, carries a 1,000 lb warhead. Multiply that by 59 and of course you get 59,000 lbs. For comparison the MOAB dropped on the 13th of April in Afghanistan is a 18,700 lb bomb. If you haven’t seen a video of the explosive power of a MOAB I urge you to look it up. You may then understand my analysis on the US Tomahawk attack with close to 140% more firepower. The master of the political chess game President Trump has again outplayed his opponents. Despite the renewed calls for the ouster of Assad and a suspicion of a flip flop by President Trump you are barking up the wrong tree. 
The Tomahawk attack was an orchestrated ruse to setup the Globalists and their allies. The Russians played their part as they gave the appearance of being dismayed as to Trumps sudden reverse pivot. MSM dropped all reference to a Trump/ Russian alliance, those who had supported ISIS secretly came forward and outed themselves praising Trump’s action. Some have felt compelled to even suggest an open alliance with ISIS. President Trump also was able to attain first hand how the Chinese would react as he himself informed Xi Jinping in person. One of Trump’s greatest gifts is an ability to read a persons body language and facial expressions. He now knows America’s biggest true threats the Globalists and the Chinese and has the upper hand when dealing with them.


Time That We Make Sacrifices For What Is Really Important, Stopping WWIII

Time That We Make Sacrifices For What Is Really Important, Stopping WWIII

Riots Rock Charlotte NC, Syrian Cease Fire Ends, Globalist Plan Continues

How do you like Globalism? What we are witnessing is the Globalist plan to force their agenda upon all of humanity. The Demonic leaders of the Liberal Left, puppets to the Globalist Masters whose goal of destroying freedom of thought, ideas and life is in full operation. From the Islamic terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota to the police shootings in Oklahoma and North Carolina and the racially driven rioting that followed in NC the American front is on target. The end of the Cease Fire in Syria that was doomed to fail from the beginning, as Globalist US planes broke the agreement by bombing a long standing Syrian Army post in conjunction with an ISIS ground operation was falsely claimed to be a mistake in targeting. This was followed by a bombing of a Red Crescent convoy attempting to enter the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo by Syrian or Russian planes or so we are to believe. Of course this bombing is the one Globalist MSM want you to be outraged about. After all the Globalist claim that Russia is out to take over the world by force, something that is entirely not true.
President Obama who stood in front of the UN this week, told its members that the Globalist vision of a New World Order through “Liberal Democracy” is on course. Liberal Democracy? That is what he said, and simply put that’s not democracy at all, the Liberal is the new Globalist addition as they attempt to destroy all opposition that doesn’t agree with their leftist agendas. Obama also told the world that we must accept the Islamic religion and cultures as to not agree is not the Liberal way of thinking that is required. He then put the Russians up as the major source of war with the goal of Empire building. The alliances were set as the Russians had a target placed upon them and Islamic fundamentalism was to be allied with the Globalist New World Order. 
The word Islamic is not to be linked with terrorism here at home, as the so-called liberal left is reconstructing our language to fit their goals. If you don’t agree with the Globalist controlled liberal left your words are labeled as hate speech, illegal immigrants are now to be called undocumented immigrants, the Globalist Islamic Army that is flooding into Europe and the US are refugees. The beatings and rapes of women and children in Europe are to be forgiven as this is normal in the Islamic faith. After all the Globalist will institute Sharia law as they foam at the mouth excitedly at the shear thought of heads being chopped off, women being stoned to death for dishonoring their families, the reinstitution of slavery as is legally practised under Sharia. Islam after all is the religion of peace or so they say. 
Our local police officers are under extreme pressure as they deal with criminals pulling guns on them, they were trained to shoot first and not wait to see if the suspect can shoot straight. Now even when a Black officer shoots a Black American despite asking them not to reach for or to drop their gun its considered a racist act. After all it was just a book right? No but that doesn’t matter as we see in Charlotte NC the streets will become a war zone as protest turn quickly into riots. Instigators such as Black Lives Matter incite crowds to go on a rampage as this is all part of the Globalist agenda. The creation of a race war gives them the authority to declare Martial Law. Globalist Demon Nazi George Soros financially backs BLM as President Obama, Attorney General Lynch and Hillary Clinton all puppets to the Globalists have given BLM leaders verbal backing. 
George Nazi Madman Soros who financially funds BLM, Clinton’s Campaign, Islamic “refugees” is now trying to produce 8 million Clinton votes from overseas. A clear attempt to throw the election to Globalist Clinton. All the while Clinton and Obama claim that Russian President Putin is going to rig the election for Russian agent Donald Trump. Hillary just claimed Russia was behind the terrorist attacks in New York and New Jersey, it was also Donald Trumps fault for the riots in North Carolina. 
The Globalist-s are setting up the next stage in Operation Annihilate that is to forever eliminate the sovereignty of the US and its people. Keep an eye out for a huge event to make it appear that Trump or Putin or both are involved. Pass the word that it is expected and may happen, if the Globalists realize we are watching they may abort the mission. We must realize that these Globalist and their puppets are weak, sickly, mentally deranged Demons who are in truth cowards. They rely on lies, deceptions and money to get others to act out for them. Globalist MSM will back up any story they will give as they are nothing but low life propagandist. 
Dangerous times just went even more dangerous, the Globalist’s are in full panic mode, their hopes are on a sickly, coughing, stumbling old woman who can’t even look you in the eye as her health is deteriorating quickly, her soul was sold long ago and as the devil always does he lied to her as she does you. He like she, relishes in watching people struggle as its all entertainment to him. Let’s get this right and defeat these minions of evil who wish humanity the worst of all outcomes. 

How To Start WWIII? Let Obama Show You

Bomb The Wrong People, US Planes Just Did 
With all of the technology available, the US Air Force seems unable to correctly target a bombing run. Why is it this doesn’t ring true considering the situation in Syria this could cause WWIII to ignite as Hillary runs around threatening Russia. President Obama had purged the military of senior officers who didn’t agree with his plans to invade Syria in 2012, in one of the largest mass “retirements” in US Military history. The Russians and Syrians had just agreed to a cease fire with the US led moderate Muslim rebels, this plan was to allow a concentrated effort to be put forth by all parties against ISIS and Al Qaeda groups within Syrian borders. Then this so-called mistake happens where two F-16’s and one A-10, that is used primarily as a ground support aircraft, attacks a Syrian Army position killing 62. The US says it intended to hit an Islamic State position, Syria and Russia are not buying it as it appeared to be in conjunction with an ISIS operation. 
This type of situation is what makes major wars breakout, as the story the US has put forward fails the litmus test of lies. Earlier this year the Russians were going to strike a well known ISIS stronghold in southeastern Syria, they were aware of British and US Special Forces in the area and had alerted both of their plan. For 6 months these British and US forces kept stalling their evacuation, they claimed to be training moderate rebels, yet were located in the middle of ISIS held territory. The Russians, tired of waiting, hit the area. No British or US casualties were reported and MSM gave this story little attention. 
On September 8, Israeli jets had attacked Syrian forces in the Golan Heights region in retaliation of a single stray mortar shot as the Syrians were striking Takfiri militants in the area. This group has been linked to Al Qaeda and the Syrians have claimed that Takfiri use Israeli weapons and equipment. The Obama/Clinton destabilization program has created all of this and still deny it. The lines are blurred and who is fighting who is uncertain, there are so many combatants in the area that it has become the flashpoint that could lead to WWIII. 
The danger is real as the US policy is unknown to both ally and enemy alike, it is well known that ISIS has been armed and trained by the US. Yet the US will do a drone strike on occasion and take out ISIS leadership or so its claimed. This recent claim of the killing of 62 Syrians doesn’t even come close to being true, the available GPS technology doesn’t allow for this. Look at your own cell phone it zeros in within feet of your location. The US not only uses AWACS planes to coordinate air strikes, they also use satellites, or do they? The Obama/Clinton foreign policy plan has made the entire world much more dangerous than before. 

If Hillary Wins Election World War III Will Happen

With Retired General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s now hacked emails being public, Of course the Russians are blamed again. This comes on the heels of the claim that Russia with Donald Trump acting as an agent are poisoning Hillary Clinton. Every other word coming out of Washington, the Clinton Campaign and the Establishment Globalist propaganda machine, Mainstream Media is “it’s the Russians”. According to them Russian Dictator as they call him, Vladimir Putin has control of the Alt Right and the Trump Campaign, they are going to rig the elections against Hillary. There are also claims that Putin is destabilizing the world by means that are not given. Everything is Russia’s doing and they are being setup as the major threat to world peace for a reason.
Even as the US and Russia have just agreed to work together on the war against terrorism and have achieved a shaky cease fire in Syria, the accusations of interfering in US elections continue. We just saw a major Russian TV news program warn that Republican nominee Donald Trump faces another assassination attempt as it becomes clear that he will win the presidential election. This was not a normal type of warning, it was in fact a fear the Russians have of a Clinton win and the understanding of how far those who back her are willing to go. The Globalists need to stop Trump in any way they can as he will stop them from World Domination. 
Putin has been on the defensive since Ukraine’s government was removed by Fascist with the help of the EU, George Soros and NATO. The Globalist plan is to pick off every former part of the Soviet Union and Imperial Russia. When the Soviet Union dissolved many regions became independent and the EU and NATO began to swallow them up through trade agreements. It is by these trade agreements that the Globalists One World Government is forming. Once they grab every country as in a game of Risk, it becomes one with the rest as they surrender national sovereignty over to the unelected Globalist government as we see in Europe with the EU. Russia is in their sights and this has caused Putin to ring alarm bells.
Many Americans remain ignorant as they are unaware of just what will happen to the United States, NAFTA was the first trade agreement that joined us with Canada and Mexico, creating the North American Union. That is one reason why we now have open borders with Mexico. G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama have all been implementing laws and tearing pieces of our constitution off as they have slowly been destroying our sovereignty and freedoms. This is why so many are against Trump as he vows to stop the Globalist from destroying us. This is why they have begun to claim Putin and Trump are enemies to them and brushed them with the same paint. Putin wants Russia to remain independent from Globalist control as Trump is trying to do the same for America. 
Russia knows if Hillary becomes President American sovereignty will end, she will sign the TTP and the TTIP and relinquish our economy over to an unelected council as they have in the EU. The turning over the internet is part of this Globalist plan, many things will change on what information you can access and input. Freedom of speech will swiftly decline as you will no longer be able to find the truth and must rely on whatever they allow you to know. Hillary like Obama are not loyal to you as their loyalty is with the Globalist. Once America is inline completely a war with Russia is next as they can’t manipulate Russian elections as they have been doing ours. Putin has said he will go Nuclear if he is forced to defend Russia and the Globalists don’t care as they have a belief they will survive such an event. Key word “they” as your survival doesn’t matter to them. This is why they are molding us to believe that Russia is a threat and developing excuses for war. Hillary has already made the threat and she will carry it out. You can believe this all to be a conspiracy theory if you want, it is true and you may not realize it until its too late. Electing Hillary Clinton will make it become to late as you put another wolf in the White House to watch after the sheep and this one won’t hesitate to destroy you.