Look For White House Spring Cleaning To Begin After President Trump Returns From Overseas Trip


With the Comey firing backlash still raging President Trump heads out on his first foreign trip. The First Lady Melania will accompany the President while he visits the centers of the three religions that are involved in Mid East turmoil. Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican. Aides have said that Trump will announce that he backs Palestinian self determination. Trump will attempt to build a consensus for Middle East peace as he views Radical Islamic terrorism as the enemy to all in the region and abroad. While at the Vatican Trump will make a visit to Italy then Brussels, Belgium the seat of the European Union and location of NATO headquarters on the 25th of May for a NATO summit later this month. 
One disturbing issue is that former President Barack Obama will be in Berlin, Germany visiting Angela Merkel while Trump is in Belgium. Obama, a private citizen who appears to be working for the Globalists as a private diplomat. This lends credence to the claim that Obama is working against Trumps agenda and brings further questions as to why Obama continues to work behind the scenes. Most former presidents ride quietly off into the sunset once they leave office. Obama took what was termed a vacation before he returned to what is obvious political duties. 
Meanwhile sources close to President Trump both inside and outside of the White House a reporting that a spring cleaning or shuffle is to begin of his inner circle advisors and possibly even some cabinet positions. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Press Secretary Sean Spicer are two that are being mentioned. NSA HR McMaster is another since he and the President do not see eye to eye on anything. There has been speculation that McMaster is pushing Bildiberg member retired Gen. Petreaus’s agenda and may even be sharing classified material with him. 
Others are upset about Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner and their Liberal ties. This might be a harder decision than others due to family ties. It should be noted however that Trump fired his own brother from the family business. The President is a business man first and foremost and therefore he won’t allow anyone too much leeway. As he did during the campaign, he will continue to do as President. If you can’t handle or fulfill your duties successfully he will replace you. 
As we all speculate as to who may find themselves out, be assured that in truth only one person really knows. The President is as he has said countless times ” not controlled by anyone ” and will do as he feels is the right thing at the right time. The recent White House visit by top American Globalist Bildiberg member Henry Kissinger drew questions and speculation as some claimed this proves that President Trump capitulated to the Globalists. This is not true as he needed Kissinger’s services to help deal with the Chinese. Politics makes for strange bedfellows at times and what is seen on the surface is not always what is happening behind the scenes. 


Did Obama Reveal the Plan to Destroy Our Republic?

On April 30th we again saw the annual White House Correspondence Dinner. This is when journalist, politicians and celebrities gather to roast the President. This was not the original intent of the White House Correspondence Association that hosts the event however.
In 1914 there was a threat that congress would decide which members of the press would be allowed to attend government briefings. So leading journalists of the time created the WHCA. This was an attempt to maintain transparency and allow the press to remain independent of government control.
An annual dinner soon followed beginning in 1920. The first President attended in 1924 as Calvin Coolidge began a tradition that has lasted until today. There have been times when this was not always the case as deaths or crisis has interrupted presidential attendance. Over the years the tone and style of this get together has changed.
The WHCA uses it as a benefit to fund scholarship programs for gifted journalists. Also as a way to give awards to what they refer to as journalistic achievement. However today it has become more of a presidential roast. With comedians as moderators and a night of laughter.
It has become abundantly clear that the WHCA have become the propagandist for the government. Main Stream Media and government all seem on the same page as true journalism has been replaced with entertainment and false reporting to cover the governments secrets and lies.
In 2004 then President George W. Bush cracked jokes about an inability to find weapons of mass destruction. “Nope there’s none over here”, “Nothing under here” Bush quipped to the laughter of those in attendance. That now include celebrities from the entertainment field.
How anyone could find such a joke funny considering the deaths of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians resulted in his claim as to why he invaded Iraq. After all it was due to Saddam having Weapons of Mass Destruction wasn’t it? And we didn’t find any? After all U.N. weapons inspectors couldn’t find any prior to the war.
The Bush administration took a beating for this apparent lie as a reason for war. After all he was portrayed as a man who just kept messing things up and blaming others for 9-11 and reasons for invading Afghanistan and Iraq.
The truth finally comes out as yes Saddam had WMD’s. Our government knew it, our allies in Europe knew it also. It wasn’t some messages passed to the CIA that was originally reported. So why did they tell the truth yet lie at the same time? And how was it funny?
What is known: Iraq had used chemical weapons against Iran and against Iraqi Kurds in northern Iraq. Saddam had a program to develop more of these weapons. American soldiers were injured because of the fact that we knew there were actually WMDs and those on the ground were not told. The United States government had given Iraq the weapons and technology to begin its own program. ( You can find out more about this deception in a New York Times article. ” The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons”. By C.J. Chivers).
Then in this years WHCD President Obama decides to make fun of the ever increasing policies that he’s enacted that appear to be destroying our system from within. His joke ” The end of the Republic has never looked better”. Was a cause of laughter by those in attendance.
I among others do not find this funny at all. Again it seems as tho these leaders and their journalist and celebrity friends find it funny to be destroying our nations reputation at home and abroad. These attendees to these dinners for the most part represent the elite who care little what happens to the American servicemen or the American society as a whole.
The deaths at home and abroad along with the destruction of our system removing our last freedoms. These elites are happily letting us know just how much they don’t care about us.