Clinton Crime Spree Continues, Al Capone Would Be Impressed

Does it ever end? Now it has been found that Hillary was using her position as Secretary of State to pass along “protected” State Department information about a possible bailout by the European Union of Greece’s banking system. Clinton’s son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky a hedge fund manager who through a 325 million special arrangement with Goldman Sachs created Eaglevale Partners.
With Goldman Sachs acting as the principal broker and banker, Mezvinsky placed several funds in the tax haven of the Caymen Islands. The strategy was to seek profits from political instability situations. The main target being Greece that was considered a good bet for these profits. Having a mother-in- law as the US Secretary of State gave this plan a good chance for success. However this didn’t work out as planned as millions was lost.
During the same month that Eaglevale incorporated offshore. Gary Gensler, former co-head of finance at Goldman Sachs and at this time head of US Commodity Futures Trading Commission whose job it was to police Hedge Funds. (This is where the fox guards the hen house as is done throughout American bureaucracy) Emailed Clinton that a bailout by the European Central Bank “could turn market sentiment” in favor of Greek bonds. There were some ups but the downs outweighed the ups and Eaglevale lost out.
Gensler is now financial director of Clinton’s election campaign. Again the Clinton’s use the people that have the contacts to attempt to make financial gains through government positions. The Clinton email server was not only used for US government top secrets but also the Clinton Foundation and to keep eyes and ears open for family business ventures. Bill Clinton was told of the Greek bailout as well as the always present Sydney Blumenthal who is a Clinton Foundation consultant.
The laws that are broken without any fear of prosecution by the Clinton’s continues to grow. And nobody seems willing to pull the lever and end this 40 year crime spree. The Clinton’s act as though they are above the law and pretty much dare anyone to bring them down. We should be ashamed to have such a person and her husband who have been caught, investigated but never charged on a list of crimes that continues to grow running as a possible US President. I am speechless at this point.


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