How Can Anyone Seriously Vote For Crooked Hillary Clinton?

Less than 3 months remain before Americans go to the polls and decide their future. If you believe anything that Mainstream Media says, the polls still claim Clinton has the lead over Trump from 3 to 10%. This of course begs the question, how can you believe anything that MSM says anymore? If we have learned anything this presidential election cycle it is that our political system is very corrupt and that MSM has covered it up for what seems to be forever. MSM doesn’t report the news, it guides the narrative, and at times will create fictional stories in order to deceive and hide the truth. They are not neutral observers as they should be, they are state run propagandist for the same people that control the politicians, The Globalist.
Queen Hillary as she might as well be referred to by MSM, can do no wrong. They prop her up as the savior of the United States as if everything she says or stands for is the only direction we should follow. They claim she was a great First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, that she is a leading voice for women, families and minorities. This of course has zero validity as her record does not support these obviously false claims. Her record is not mentioned because it shows something absolutely different. Her true record shows extensive flip flopping on issues and a corruption filled career. 
The Democrats who were caught red handed, stole the nomination for their Queen from Independent turned Democrat Bernie Sanders who is a true Socialist. They rigged the primary election and despite loosing, Hillary was crowned as the numbers were flipped and covered up by MSM.
 A year long investigation by the FBI into her hacked private server while at the State Department, that seemed to be a certain death nail to a scandal ridden career, suddenly ended within a week of Crooked Hillary’s, husband on paper only, the Godfather Bill Clinton’s social visit on a airport tarmac in the plane of Department Of Justice Attorney General, (Godfather Bill had started her career in the DOJ) Loretta Lynch. Mario Puzo who wrote the infamous book The Godfather, couldn’t have written this any better. Lynch and Bill only discussed family, golf and travels. Think about that for a minute while imagining Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) talking about those same subjects to someone he wanted to influence. 
And so here we are a month gone by and more emails and more scandals in connection with the Clinton’s, this never ends. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is providing emails that show criminal activity and he also confirmed that the young DNC staffer who was murdered, Seth Rich was the source of many of the latest emails. Yes you read that right, another death of someone with a connection to the Clinton’s. Add John Ashe a former UN official who was set to testify against Crooked Hillary the day after he dropped a barbell on his neck, crushing his wind pipe. Also add Shawn Lucas, Victor Thorn and Joe Montano. These and 40 plus others close to the Clinton’s have all had sudden and at times mysterious circumstances to their deaths. If you think this is normal you are sadly mistaken. 
Now we have proof that not only does Hillary have a hard time having supporters come to her events, but MSM is photoshopping her events to give the appearance that she can fill even small venues. This fact of low attendance as it was during the primaries also, is proof she does not have the numbers MSM claims. The policies she backs of open borders and bringing in possible terrorist from the Mideast are not what the majority of Americans support. Her openly saying she will raise taxes by 1.3 trillion is also not what Americans support. She is a War Hawk and is for Globalism, she continuously gets caught in lies, her physical and mental health is of concern and her history of scandal after scandal promises even more.   


One thought on “How Can Anyone Seriously Vote For Crooked Hillary Clinton?

  1. This is why I don’t understand how even one person can vote for her, are people seriously this dumb. It’s been scandal after scandal, bribe after bribe, lie after lie, murder after murder, an god knows what else. Do the people standing behind her watch the news, because I just don’t get it, but yet they believe the bullshit lies about Trump. SORRY don’t mean to rant, but it just boggles my mind how anyone can vote for her, even one person. We’re doomed if she wins.


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